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my boss my hero

rabu com da!!!!!

Lovely complex is going to be my next fandom, oh my god yes.
[And it's so straight!!]
Hahaha but it's like cho adorable la!
And Teppei was in the live action movie.
And the Kansai ben!!
And it's so colourful!! Visually, I mean.
Although I wish their sch uni was a little cuter...

Haha I'm at Aya's right now, and i'm reading the scalations..
Ahhh but somehow it's very slow, although just now it was very fast ;_;
Kiwi own Sak! 8D
*inside joke*
ANd I <3456789 minna ne!!!

Haha hai ijou!
*goes back to scanlations*
my boss my hero

omg 48hours days where are joos?

way too little hours in days - wake up late go for dressmaking class/sew then it's work at fishfish then i bum around on the net.

Need an overhaul here.
Eat at home more and at regular times and more veg, fer fucks sake. I...got a little constipated there. Which makes for a rather grumpy Sak, hmn. Whoopsie. Also. OhMaiGawdSHUKUDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIII. *dies* tmr morn i gotta draft a bodic at home, then I gotta do a mad scramble for the material, then Kadomay, then FishFish...Friday morn is free FOR SHUKUDAI then it's a mini sleepover at Aya's till Saturday 6-10shift at Fishfish. The next morning and afternoon is for shukudai-ing [that sounds like dying there, lol] and sewing because dammit, my spotlight ichigo set must come to pass so I can wear it on Monday ;_; *wobbles* And Sunday night I'm working. [everyday except Fridaypublic holiday------> more pay, but NUUUU. effing genius. *keels over*]

*deep breath*
Basically I have Thursday night night, Friday morning and Sunday morning for [alot] of shukudai.

Recap a little

AJ concert with Aya~
last minute wore my pink floral to kinda go with her green knit.
Saw Cyn and Kiwi and Sabrina and omg Sam [hobbit] joined AJ band! :o
Did Not Know.
Hermy was in the audience along with some random people from IJ so yayz! 8D
Ah and Mummy Chu was there!
Ah. didn't get to take a single photo. *sad*
Sak agrees with Aya on that the AJ band uniform isn't the nicest anyway XDDD *shot*
[black sharp suit, classy, but then the dumb satin tie in yellow or pink...kills...]

Dragged my stupid arse over to TP.
take the train+bus from tampines route and it takes 90 bloody minutes.
518 may be salvation.
I shall have to try, yus.
Took me the whole damn day and then there was work.

Woke up late and then
afternoon at Kadomay
Interrupted by a call
had to go for work at fishfish cuz of that
nice, but still. *annoyed*
wanted to walk round ppl's park and bugis street.
Made the butt bow for the candystripe! ^^
<333 desu~
I really like those buttons

Wednesday [today]
Bummed the day away with toroi-san in PS and Clarke Quay and Kinoooo.
Then work.
had a lovelyyyyy supper *-*

my boss my hero


or, why half sick things should not sew.
Argh. 3m+ of fiddly Venisian sewn on the wrong fucking way. D:
D:D:D:D:D: desu. T_T
took forever to unpick..and by the time I unpicked, it was too late to cont sewing. >_>

Anyway. Today today today...
Rotted the morning away in front of the com.
Reread Kimi no Tori ni Naritai again..ahh, the art [and story] slays me.
Worked on that cute sailor loli illust thingy...but i'm not happy with it.
:x Maybe I'll use Painter for it all over again from the top.
Afterternoon was dressmaking class - Arg,
drafting is so terribly boring, I'm going to fall asleeeep. :/
After that met up with Cyn at J8 <333333
had a lovely dinner at Sakae..
Salmon Donburi [Cyn]
Unagi Donburi [Sak]
Lots of hot green tea
Tempura Ice Cream [both] *-*
It was gooooood.
Next time, I'd like to try the buffet..
$13.90! 8DDDD
And man, they really butcher irasshaimase like nobody's business.
Then after we skulked arond J8 so Cyn could find a plain black shirt for band..
Sadly no luck. D:
Speaking of which, Aya you now owe me $10 for AJ's band tickets. ;p

Sleeping now.
my boss my hero

lovely weekends x3

it's been lovely, really.

Friday was the last day of Ikoma for 2 weeks...lol, I will sew!! Gods so many half done and unrealized designs. And burn stuff outta com dammit! 8D Ahaha and finally found the damn rooftop garden in the Ikoma building, screw you retarded management. hah! Haha bummed around and had a fuzzy cuddly time with トロイさん.

Saturday started off with an interesting and kinda daaaaaw, fuzzy feeling staff meeting at fishfish..we love Novena fishfish!! Yeah, it's fantastic and lovely and sparkly and kinda ghei how well we all get along XD Flipped through the browsing mags after; Pi mentioned how I should really flip through them more often. In light of the course I'll be taking. Lol. Ahaha, should crash Aya's soon and like have a serving of cute trashy mags <3 And play katamari! 8D But well, Aya busy getting squished by tutorials.

After that Aya came by and we a lunch at Fishfish that was entirely way too filling...and we ordered dessert even. [and aya doesn't like alfafa, huh. it's like. aya how can you not like eeeeet? ahaha, but then sak is a person who likes even century eggs...XD] Anyway tried the Hot fudge cake and Creme Brulee...nnngh, it wasn't that great, a bit too sweet. Nnn, tastes kinda purin actually.. And it needs to served warm dammit, how can you give it cold? Haha made them microwave it. Found the fish and chips entirely too salty, though the texture was heavenly. Sigh, so we piled on the minced garlic to mask it a bit..it's surprisingly good like that.

Then we went [unexpectedly] shopping. For girly shit like clothes and shoes and bags. Bought....quite alot. Aya had many monies, while Sak's mom came by later with a shiny credit card..ahaha. And now Aya and Sak have shirts of the same print...XDDD

I want a hoodie.
I really want that back and fushia accented one in Animal...
it's entirely too expensive for just damn hoodie...
But it's still really really cute. Nnngh.
Ah well.
And....converses *bricked* [lookalikes XD *shot*], in brown and pink.

Ah and bought a super cute skirt!
You can even fit a petti under it, by happy coincidence...
just need to slit the lining..

Soon, I think, I'll go Bugis Villiage and find me a bag.

Slept in till noon [oh gawd, it's been AGES since I got to do that.
Lovely blue blue skies [haha and Saturday morning had them too, it was so nice <3]
Worked on the Spotlight Ichigo set; it's coming along nicely! *-*
AH I can't wait to finish and wear it.
Wigiwigi fell siiiiick and was rendered invalid to bad fever..
Hence got ordered around a fair bit. XD
Haha I kinda like it actually. XDDD
Haha you must have thought that was rather o.0 ne
Anyway, came down to use com a bit after she kicked me out for sewing while she was sick XD
And then Jana..or was it Rochelle..called all of a sudden to say
OMGWTF we need more staff desperately PLS get yer ass over here.
Ahaha yeah.
Freaking busy, the kitchen jammed, the bar jammed, the customers were full of shit today...
Yeah, typical weekend rush XD
It's very exciting desu!
But I like it. <3

Started getting that wobbly achey pre-fever feeling during work though..and Jana said she got shivery during work..ahhhh, tmr we'll both wake up sick, i can feel it in my bones, literally. XD And my head too, a little. Ah and lately, if we do closing together, Jana and Sak take to singing songs like hymmns and random stuff like that...it's very fun. Spirit Wings! Self awareness camp song XDD Ahaha should find the lyrics proper in French for the Founder's Day song proper....

Ahaha and yaoi_daily has a fantastic doujin by Miyamoto up, gah I really liiiiiike <3

Okay, gotta go sleep already @_@

Ahaha and my playlist for tonight is pretty wtf ne?
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