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zomg flying cockroach DNW DDDDDx

eeeeeeeeee. flying cockroach. ._. it's a baby one tho. but still. ._.;;;


demo kane ga inee.
but it's not like i'll spend that much I think?

if i just go textile centre
Plaza sing
wonder where else sells charmns
katamaris! yes there will be katamaris..
how do you string them tho hrmn
hope my pliers don't scarth them omg

rolled outta bed pretty late; like 2 [oops. XD;;;]
spent the rest of the day doing all the shukudai i did't do
surfed in between [cos everytime i check something, poupee sidetracks me..among pther things. XD]

have discovered the wonders of trashy fashion mag scans
pinky cutie zipper vivi camcam you get the idea
lol and ageha, but i haven't ound any yet. XD

Pinky dec is really cute!
Yuusuke is absolutely adorableeeee in the double date shoot
[I can't stand Reina's face tho bleh]
Emi [Kizukura Karen] is all over this issue, which is nice
And Jin's in it too lawl XD And the mag's called Pinky, lololol.
zomg kame is adorable in the lip gloss ad. XD asking to be icon-ed srsly.
yee and mizushima hiro's in a cute christmas date shoot hee. <3333

sort of tempted to buy it haha. XD

was our last lesson


ああああああゴキブリ帰った ・_・;;;;
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my boss my hero

omgomgomgomgomg eoy!

eeeeeee i need to finish making accesories and the feathers and all for hat desu!
i wish my tricorn had a better shape tho. ;_;
desu desu desu desu.
*feels a bit mindless*

watched Golden Compass with Aya Kiwi Melsie today! :D
It was okay la.
Quite liked the ice bears. :D
Never read the books, so I don't know nuts really.
The scene that gets played everytime she asks the elithiometer [?] get old really fast tho. :/
Haha we spent so much time nua-ing in MOS. XD
milk tea~~~~~~~ <3
Haha and cyn's getting lots of yellow yellow things for xmas. XD
Mon add to the pile! XD
Haha and spent way too much time in the Better Toy Shop.
The poppers were so much fun! 8D Kiwi actually bought one XD
I wanna get the rubber ball with all the ribbons
But really it's quite useless XD

Hrmn then ran round Chinatown for last minute things
zomg there is chirimen! but bloody ex and the prints are tiny really.
good for small projects tho. :D

There is a kick ass ouchcart around swalk.
want!! but had no cash.
tsu let's go back togetherrrr! 8D haha and arab street maybe.

fri-panel things hee <3
sat-eoy omg!
sun-yay time to sew! 8D sak needs monies omg
mon-ice cream and strawberries and katamari at aya's with tsu and kuro~~~
tues - enchanted? 8DDDDDD

i owe kiwi $10 for tickets
i owe...someone for cyn's presents?
i owe tsu aud13
tsu owes me 50sing
i think i owe mon $.
or does mon owe me?
i owe kuro sewing
i owe aya sewing
settle debts settle debts! XD

orhz and plug from kiwi: AJC x CJC xmas band concert!! 21st dec. Prz to be buying tickets haha. XD
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my boss my hero

omg i suck ._.

It's a day with the loveliest weather we've had in days, like SUNSHINE!! and... I manage to wake up at 2. Oh mannnnnnnn. Although, considering that I couldn't really sleep till 6, but still. Ergh I wanna wake at like 8 or 9.

Anyway my com is being a hugeass bitch. Suddenly it's going not enough ram. It's nevar happened before yanno. At most the scratch disks were being annoying, but never this. ;_; Liek hello bitch you alr have 1gb ram! Not enough?! And it's not like I installed anything recently so it's either my bro fucking with the guest account or the virus from my external acting up. Which I still can't get rid of. Uhmmnn. Really should reformat asap yes?


but zomg the weathers so niiiiiiiice today. 8D
Haha admittedly it's not that sunshiney and all, but it's really nice compared to the past few days.
Omg why the days pass so quicky! D:
Omgomgomg and melsie's back in Singapore! 8D
Yaaaaaaay there'll be Golden Compass and hopefulll Enchanted? OOoh and ice cream on Friday! *happy dance*

zomg so not getting any sewing/christmas shopping done.
I'm probably going to regret that aye? 8D;;;

Ahhhhh and ikoma!! <33333  shukudaiiiiiiiii...wa mada desu ga... ;;;;;;
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my boss my hero


lol, these two days have been so fun. XD

Had another amusing dream.
There was an eroero, hollywood spy film scene in TanglinClub...6mins! lol
Some blond woman and some JamesBond wannabe. XD
Then suddenly was running around this very plush carpety place.
looking for somewhere to sit down i think.
And then somehow was in jail with Jin and Mon?
But it felt like Sec4 retreat or something.
We were sitting on our beds talking crap.
Jin on the left, then Sak in the middle, and Mon on the right.
Both of them had light kiwi green blankets and mine was rose..
You know those knit blankets that you see in Hk hospitals? those types lol.

Anyway it rained yesterday...
But went out with tsu anyway XDD
Slowly dragged out arses to Kino
Browsed all the mags she missed and bought the glb
then went down to the food court and tsu ate like nuts. XD
Our entire dinner was made up of little snacks hee
mont blanc [lol i had my first one~ thanks tsuuuuu <33333] and tori q and old chang kee and wagashi and.. alot la.
Then I went over and there was katamari and retarded music and tetris and katamariiiiii~
lol Aya's origami's crane katamari was so sad. missed by 41!!!! Haha.
Sak....still sucks as katamari
Tsu...made a new planet for the Sumo level XD
Hee let's watch Victoria's Secret and Golden Compass <3333

omg and the fudge Aya bought was daaaaaamn good, nnngh.

Then today today today..
Slowly dragged arse to town and tried to do xmas shopping...
Haha me and Aya felt stoned and generally nuaed.
Down and Out in London and Paris...
ANd LocoRoco haha.
Book, PSP, and Aya's chai latte.
and Sun Moulin pastry hee
The honeydew chocolate is good! Sak likes! XD
Aya thinks it's weird lol.
Hrmn then settled half of Kiwi's presents at Isetan~
yanno, the Barbie Disney Princess/fairytale series..
the print on the skirts would be perfect as a rori print in say, flocked velveteen. *_*
with some sparkle in it! like metallic thread outlines or something.
The style's like the Princess Emeraude/Jade Country arc in TRC,
yanno when they're recapping the legends. *-*
The silouettes with the blacked-in skin, i dunno what style that is.
Sak wants a fabric factory. XD

Lol then Sak had an early dinner of NatsumiFish at Mos,
and we nua-ed again. Ttly stealing ur book btw kthx. XDDD
Lol and Aya planned xmas dinner. This year will be quieter na
And ants! Do ants have arseholes? It's such a cute book.
[expensive too lol]

Lol then went to Bugis, had rori panel meeting, it's all so exciting! hee

I want some milk tea ice cream hurhur.

argh still looking for cute portable speakers. wai cannot fiiiiiind. :/

Dammit and someone buy mai stuff. :/ Moniesssss.
Should try sell more things.
I wish it was like Poupeegirl, so easy to sell and buy. XD
my boss my hero

dream a little dream


Had a Kattun dream. XD

It must be the after effects of watching Summary again. XD

Anyway it was like..everyone was on this variety show thingy, including me.
And then everyone was divided into smaller groups and you had to come up with a skit thingy with reference to another time period like the 60s or something. XD Sadly I only remember Koki, Kame and Jin. No Ueda whyyyy XD Junno also. ah well. XD Don't remember muche ven though I just woke up. Oh yeah! Fat Botero worthy women coming down escalators undoing their salmon pink beige overbust corsets. lol. And Kame saying I sounded like berries, so I went wtf  muesli bar?? and then he did that cute smilesmile thing. haha.

Anyway, shall so and pack my table and sew.
shit the constructtion behind the house..
stop the dreeeeeeeeeleeeeeeeeeeeng. :/

omg and Ryotan doing CODE on Dec2 SC... *_* kakkoi.. and he sounds good dammit. XD <333
my boss my hero


so JLPT was today.
holy fuck was very nearly late.
kept on smsing/calling jin in the car. XD
o__________o made it just in time.
as mom was dropping me, the bus came too
a whole *herd* of people alighted and stampeded..
well, it's dramatizing a little, but it makes for an effective picture. XD
Should pass la..

Went to Expo for Mon and the IT fair.
Had Macs for finner, and brought mon and lynn their dinners too.
Mac fries turn to crap in like what, 20min?
They're like timebombs or something. Of tasteless salted potato crap.
Funny how temperature makes such a difference.
Mos fires don't have that problem
Neither do Long Jofns
incidetally I love those fries the best. <3

Anyway walked arounf the fair trying to find some cute portable speakers for massuki, but no luck. :/
annoying shit. :/
My bro had an awesome pair, but they shit themselves, the stupid things. >_>

love com illust out in 22days!! 8DDDD omg I can't wait. XD
Shabake subs not out yet.
Don't really want to watch it raw, what with the archaic language. :/
I'll watch suummary subbed! and cat in the red boots then. XD
hahahaha oh yeah just watched yukan club 7.
GEIGH SHIT HALLO. worse than usual. ong yukan club is SO TERRIBLY MADE. XD
I mean just because it's like tailor made for きゃあきゃあJE fangirls....

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