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first weekend's here and we didn't even have a full week and look at the homework! o_o

Drawing ess
-3 faces with ref attached
-stationary object

3d art ess
-paperrrrrrrrrr. 8D submit 5ish on tues
-journal. tbc.

lol actually not that bad lar but still. i want more time to play with the paper.

ugh my eyelids feel heavy.
been listening to stoney music all day.
Bubbly all the way home
and it's been Ache for you ever since i got back.
Ben Lee has such a lovely voice. and the guitars here are like. stoner.

plucked flowers during lunch
sadly put only a handful in a book
the rest i put in a bag
suffice to say those bag ones all CMI liao. T_T;
gathering them was damn fun tho.
having shyo around was a plus since she's so damn tall. XD
....the school has a veritable rainbow of bouganvilla, i love eeeeet.
white, gold, dirty yellow, orange, mandarin, bright red, melon, fushia, pink, lavender, lilac...
lupin would be perfect.
although i've never seen one that colour. ah well.

borrowed a deckle and mould from the studio, there will be many paper making this weekend. 8D

we got to look through one of the VSC lecturers' [lille?] papermaking portfolio
damn niceeeeeee. 8D
pepper and wrappers, chewing gum and coins even! haha

had student comm session today
the audi was packed
seeing printshop!wilson model for clothes for the greaterthan60 project was damn funny XD

went out to eat indian at the foodhouse on the corner opposite school
shyo mel jacq nic
had murthabak, yey! lol. nic says the banana prata is damn nice. but also damn, daaaaamn oily.
to try or not to try. XD
then accompanied shyo to the fish shop next door
black ghosts are look really really really cool omg
like flying, accio-ed mynah quills in a tank
*____________* could stare at em for ages
so mesmerizinggggggg.

walked round the mall afterwards..the popular there sucks. hardly any art supplies. hardly any markers. not a since alcohol base. phail. o yar need to find that email with all the colour codes.

haha and stand by the railing on the top floor - the air conditioning whooses past you like a crisp cold spring hilltop breeze and it feels pretty amazing. close your eyes and pretend the the fairylights in the red organza's really fireflies, and the aunties on first floor at the bargain carts are really tea leaf pickers and the koi in the basement are really in this hugeass lake or river...and the balls of [artificial] peonies are really a fragrant meadow [or a pleasant smelling ikebana katamari with hotaru XD], and the sky is properly indigo, properly dark and the only light is real moonlight and starlight and maybe just your lantern [inciendo] and generous sprinkles of silvery shimmering stars and maybe, just maybe the centaurs will teach you the movements and cycles and and and i've really been reading to much snarry.

severus and the crup is an awesome read btw. *-*
although lucius could have been a bit better fleshed out, i dunno..
found him a little flat. ._. like he was just there for the sake of antagonism, nothing more.
zomg btw i laughed at snucius. it's so...cuddly sounding, lol.

haha but standing there
it's really fun.
laughed our arses off.
the wind gets a bit too cold after too long and
you feel a bit lame afterwards but
it's a nice little escape. XDDD

kay. nodding off. sleepiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.
should go soak me some pulp first tho. :x

oh!oh! let's go and watch Darjeeling Express. Kooky film with colourful colourful visuals and 3 kinda ghei brothers that make me think Remus and Siruis and James. lol i don't even know if it's showing.

i need an apple.
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