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YEY! 行きま~~す!


a bit of regret and sadness for things undone
a bit of annoyance at shortcomings [liek omg ふっとった!(・  A・) ー_ー;;;
but overall
i'm kinda excited...
even tho 2008 means we're all growing  ;_____;

the weather was really nice and mild - lovely sunlight , the occasional cloudy/rainy looking hour, constant breeze..
really really nice weather. :D
squestered it away taking photos, sewing aya's bag, trying to pack my table..
haha, didn't go to town with the crew in the end x3;

tsu was saying how the first half an hour of the year is like, the foreshadowing for the rest of the year
tsu decided to wear rori so moar rori will come to her. XDDD
i was finishing reading a gorgeous snarry fic
i got bitten by alot of mosquitoes. on my feet, no less. >_>
i was...gnashing my teeth over which shogatsu event item to buy for my poupee
i stitched a bit of aya's bag too~ for luck, and industriousness. :3
i took a nice long shower too. the lights in my bathroom are finally working, yessss. 8D

so that was my first half hour of 2008..
i have no plans for tomorrow though. i mean. the coming day.
i'll sewwww~~~
unless tsu is going to see the louvre exhibition, lol.

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