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oh-god early. or late.

4 53 am
i went to sleep on the couch, thought i'd stay asleep.
it's more than comfortable after all.
didn't. woke up. sat up, looked through the glass windows. walls. windows.
4 53am
and it's so bright outside - light from the streetlamps, from the hostel across the road
glinting sparkling glittering almost againt the....dunno what they are, some sort of evergreens we brought back from one tree hill.
it's fantastic when it rains, the light sparkles so pretty
I'd love to see these evergreens with snow.

...the abundance of light strikes me as so unnatural you know.

i've never seen moonlight. pure, unadulterated moonlight.
i wonder what's it like.

before things like streetlights, before we thought to illuminate so extensively and almost pervasively -
well that's just cos here, we're this overcrowded overfed overnannied island, that's prolly to thanks for pervasiely and extensively.
[i deigned to read the first few pages of todays paper and thought - what utter crap. although granted it may have something to do with how it's a saturday paper but still. better stick with some foreign online ones like new york times or sydney morning herald or even bbc]

yeah anyway.
was saying.

who would think to travel in the dark of the wee hours?

then again, not entirely accurate.
that'd prolly only apply to the truly nomadic.
even still, i'm prolly still wrong.

kind of just sunk in it's christmas eve.
well, still reading snarry fics at a somewhat alarmingly voracious rate.
barely read any fic the past year with this much intensity.

did go out to wrap up some christmas shopping with mon and jin yesterday,
and then at novena this afternoon
and a couple of days before with aya as well
crescents and crowns are so goddamn hard to find, for fucks sake!
but very worth it, hah. sort of feel a bit smug even, heh.

lol the jewevellry shop [i think it just became my favourite for earrings and pendants and hair pins with charms on them wow] had this lucky draw thing - the kind where it's a spherical cage with balls inside and you turn the crank and see what ball falls out, sort of like the aka and shiro one but this one was just numbered balls.

i er, won a pair of earrings.
i'm rather of perplexed as to what the hell to do with them.
best let them sit and rot i suppose..
part of the emergency presents on hand things i sort of have.

oh, went for the aj/cjc band concert the other day with aya and moony and her friend..nicole? nicola? crap i can't remember..
but anyway i was kind of surprised at how much I enjoyed the company.
oh yeah the venue was fantastic too.
republic poly has really nice grounds as well.
flat and so spacious!
bitch to get to as well though.
anyway was saying - the venue was fantastic.
bleached [?] wood and really nice seats mmm
really comfy.
haha we were all doing lots of things we should've have been doing tho -
moony had this veritable doreamon christmas stocking filled with sweets and all [no eating in the hall!]
aya was writing a letter reply
i was readinf fic on my phone
throw in a fair bit of snarking
haha you get the idea.

you know i haven't checked my flist and poupee ever since i got into this fic reading bout - and i find i don't really care. it's sort of refreshing really.

gifts to wrap
cards to write
yay! I'm looking forward to it really.
and my computer's got a big riboon on it too, i'll take a photo.

wow and i haven't used a single smiley this entire post! heh.
I do feel rather sastisfied with that.

gah i really want to scrub off this blasted manicure from my nails but topcoating it to death didn't help it's so damn stubborn! shit i forgot to pick up more remover. ah whatever, that's boughten easily enough. hey wtf, boughten is a word dammit! should find a better built in dictionary.

you i find accents particularly fascinating.
and fun to mimic as well.
me and my brother sort of do a pretty passable imitation of alot.
when i was way younger i was always surprised when someone geninely was imitating an accent [or plain trying to sound like an ang moh] but very obviously failing. kind of a puzzled feeling. like, can't you hear how off it is? actually i prolly still feel surprised.
s'like sketches and drawings i suppose. like i'll look back on something i haven't seen in a few weeks or months and see so many flaws that weren't there when i was sketching.

if i were a bit more bookish and inclined towards things like professorship and research and academia [and tea and scones? haha] i'd probabaly have set my sights on becoming a linguist.

when i was 5 or six i wanted really badly to be a paleontologist, but I've pretty much forgotten all the stuff I knew about dinosaurs, lol.

and felching sounds gross omg.
somnophilia wasn't quite what i was expecting either - associated the philia with a wrong love, lol.

interesting, all these warnings.. fic, esp slash fic really is very informative. broadens your education too. *mulls* I was thinking about how i part of me can't quite bear to do things like cosmetics and jewelley, feels so grownup. yet at the same time i have absolutely no qualms about the smuttiest of fics and am the type to go ooh! tentacles!. interesting dichotomy innit. probably has to do with how i was reading way, way before i was intrested in things like how to do your nails.

somehow I've always thought that mon, me, cyn and sa share the most in common about what we read. mm.
slash and het and everything in between and probably a very large percentage of almost all the warnings out there.
i remeber disbelief and going zomgNOWAIIIIIIIIIIII at like. touya/yuki at twelve? thirteen? prior to that it was like OMG SHAORAN AND SAKURA OTP!!!!!!! KENSHIN/KAORU FOREVERRRR!!!! god, the days of ff.n. and mediaminer too, tho i shudden to think really.
then somehow, maybe around sec 2 or 3.. seeing a pair of tits in my fic was like wtf gtfo of my fic bitch.
then i dunno, by the time i was reading ff7 fic, or in the heyday or pixies, femmeslash was occasional.

think i'll get back to my reading now, heh.

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