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i love angelic pretty for using pom pom trim. XD
i quote mana.

ahahahaha XD
anyway liek omg, eoy!

zomg the nobuta group. !!!!! so much love. THE ACCENT DANCE. the one between snow between snow expess+cherish and code. omg they did it and the 'solo' bits, was so well done omg. love how they adapted it for a smaller stage too. omg. loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i shall be waiting for the youtube links. XD now audy wants to be a JE boy next year. XD Pi with dead animal? Massu and his fantastic pants? lol

Hrmnmnmn lolita panel lolita panel...
Getting ready for it was really fun + tiring + fun;
and right before we were like omgomgomgomgomgomgomg!!
but in the end.. it sort of felt like 对牛弹琴. T_T;;
Someone from Blood Romance gave me a card right after. umn, okay.
There was a scary amount of wa-rori this year.
None of which were terribly good either. Mmm.

Ahhhhhhh omg. and like the trinity blood grouppppppppppppppp. *_* so. fantastic. omg.

haha and saw a random nodame. so cute XD

lol almost forot to pick up ticket for the doll affair. zomg the little blackboards were so cuteeeeeee.


hrmn. maybe I should try the new white tsubaki line..

hee meeting kuro and crashing tsu's tmr. strawberries!! and katamari. Score! Fabulous! We're so pleased! 8D Haha. Such a snackish katamari~~~~~~ hopefully can buy half of tsu's presents tmr XD

mmmkay i better sleep nao.

oh yeahhhhhhh this is so useful! 8D *cheapskate* XD

ahhhh suddenly i feel like listening to Jin's Pinky but... I don't have it and mon and jin both aren't online. :x it's in my headdddddd

eeeee 2am better sleep
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