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omgomgomgomgomg eoy!

eeeeeee i need to finish making accesories and the feathers and all for hat desu!
i wish my tricorn had a better shape tho. ;_;
desu desu desu desu.
*feels a bit mindless*

watched Golden Compass with Aya Kiwi Melsie today! :D
It was okay la.
Quite liked the ice bears. :D
Never read the books, so I don't know nuts really.
The scene that gets played everytime she asks the elithiometer [?] get old really fast tho. :/
Haha we spent so much time nua-ing in MOS. XD
milk tea~~~~~~~ <3
Haha and cyn's getting lots of yellow yellow things for xmas. XD
Mon add to the pile! XD
Haha and spent way too much time in the Better Toy Shop.
The poppers were so much fun! 8D Kiwi actually bought one XD
I wanna get the rubber ball with all the ribbons
But really it's quite useless XD

Hrmn then ran round Chinatown for last minute things
zomg there is chirimen! but bloody ex and the prints are tiny really.
good for small projects tho. :D

There is a kick ass ouchcart around swalk.
want!! but had no cash.
tsu let's go back togetherrrr! 8D haha and arab street maybe.

fri-panel things hee <3
sat-eoy omg!
sun-yay time to sew! 8D sak needs monies omg
mon-ice cream and strawberries and katamari at aya's with tsu and kuro~~~
tues - enchanted? 8DDDDDD

i owe kiwi $10 for tickets
i owe...someone for cyn's presents?
i owe tsu aud13
tsu owes me 50sing
i think i owe mon $.
or does mon owe me?
i owe kuro sewing
i owe aya sewing
settle debts settle debts! XD

orhz and plug from kiwi: AJC x CJC xmas band concert!! 21st dec. Prz to be buying tickets haha. XD
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