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dream a little dream


Had a Kattun dream. XD

It must be the after effects of watching Summary again. XD

Anyway it was like..everyone was on this variety show thingy, including me.
And then everyone was divided into smaller groups and you had to come up with a skit thingy with reference to another time period like the 60s or something. XD Sadly I only remember Koki, Kame and Jin. No Ueda whyyyy XD Junno also. ah well. XD Don't remember muche ven though I just woke up. Oh yeah! Fat Botero worthy women coming down escalators undoing their salmon pink beige overbust corsets. lol. And Kame saying I sounded like berries, so I went wtf  muesli bar?? and then he did that cute smilesmile thing. haha.

Anyway, shall so and pack my table and sew.
shit the constructtion behind the house..
stop the dreeeeeeeeeleeeeeeeeeeeng. :/

omg and Ryotan doing CODE on Dec2 SC... *_* kakkoi.. and he sounds good dammit. XD <333
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