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30 November 2007 @ 11:14 pm

i really wish i found a model now, but.

 milenia walk rehearsal..
well, the choreographer went through and all but
in the end?
You can basically do anything. >_>
And they said to bring the actual outfit
but in the end they never asked for it.

ah whatever.

omgomgomgomg also!!!
I saw this really cute gashapon series that's I've been wanting ever since I saw them online!!!
*flails* they're these ADORABLE emoji thingums, sorta like the type Nao uses. XD
I think they'd be perfect for Cyn.
Haha I'll get more tmr I think. XD SOOOOO CUTEEEEE.
I will take pichars tmr tmr I guess.  XD


rolled outta bed
ran around like a headless chicken
went to Dhoby to pick up RHS
*_* Hurhur I can't wait to make all sorts of little shoeclips thingums. XD
Tsumami flowerssssssssssss! 8D
Then went to Bugis for rori meet~~~
Hee so fun 8D

Talked over vair intellectual things,
fondled some daily manasamabananahimechan,
made inappropiate jokes over Crux's meatballs and remaining balls and oi your last ball wor!
[needs moar tongue ;p XD]
and those retarded hongkong accent Yo Momma So Fattttt... jokes.
Hee then camwhored and went to Tim's shop
BlackAlice chop is vair prettyyyyyy *-*
Hurhur I want to make my own Sak stamp nao. XD
Cooed over the burando and tried on stuff and all
Verdandi looks soooooooo gorgeous in the blue floral. *-*
Went over to Mos of a milkTeaParty~
Hurhur haven't had milk tea in a while. <3
lol the auntie was like..
xiao mei ni men qu tiao wu ah? hai si concert hai si shen me?
lol kuro you missed all the retarded Mana chanting.
It;s very good for chanting, since it's just two nice syllables.
lol. even tho I'm not that big on Moite. XD
Went to Alice88th for the lulz after that
Nice race you have thar.
Nicer wigs. XD
Poor dorries.
Biker!!rori. [srsly. XD]
and very shiny silver Spartan!platforms.
which made me think couture show really. XD
And the double!branding! lol
Like Shimotsuma story.
Meta and Baby go together like
Universal studios and Versace rly XD

cobblecobblecobblecobble omg!
slopeslopeslopeslopeslope omg!
lol. walking in rocking horse shoes is so amusing.

Also, coffeefilter!rori for the winz. XD
Such a huggable, pong! butt. lol.

it's probabaly just me, but pong! rings to mind a more spherical, almost bubble like conncation to mind when compared to say, fluffy. Hrmn. Haha I probably just miss Lit. XD

Okay, I have a mask to finish making and
walking to practise. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

lolololol maybe ParaKiss was useful. XD
Ah I should read the manga properly.

ahhh why no apples in the fridge. ;_; I want my fruit dammit.


anyway hairdresser at 12 o_o
then jacq's doing makeup yay <3333333333
uhmn yeah lucky it starts at 3. phew.


hurhur and my mom likes dong band now.
and my brother thinks micky is hot. XD
[at least i think it was micky.. maybe it was yunho. lol.


hahaha and i found Pinky ripoffs from Korea. XD
lol forgot what they're called. Yanno that huge toystore if you keep on walking down from the mosque? yeah. heh.

Current Mood: hypernervous energy
Current Music: 周杰伦 - 菊花台
claudine: Mana: blueclaudine on November 30th, 2007 04:07 pm (UTC)
Hail Mana full of grace and beauty
Hail Mana epitome of draghood

sakky_sakky_ on November 30th, 2007 04:11 pm (UTC)
*insert potbanging, sephy worthy music* XDDD or maybe angelic pretty choirs. XD
claudine: Zackclaudine on November 30th, 2007 04:19 pm (UTC)
Mweh, no pictures? And wear your RHS when we have ice cream meeting with tsu plz, me wants to see :D
sakky_sakky_ on November 30th, 2007 04:30 pm (UTC)
haha i didn't bring my cam. kage and crux took them all lol. zomg ice cream meeting when where what? 8D I shall make ice cream shoe clips to go XD