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28 November 2007 @ 02:02 am
Blue skirt's almost done!
The elastic's stupid and floppy. And curled.
Sooo...we'll have to replace it ne. :/

Sewed most of the day..
But I suppose because we watch so much JE vids and such..
somehow you'll end up talking like a guy. ^^;
Dunno la. But it feels more natural/easier to remember to me.
That said. Can Jin speak in that ojou-sama way?
Jin gambare! XD

I ended watching Yukan Club 6 again. XD
Haha. Ep 7 just aired~
Hrmn Shabake's finished downloading but..
I think I'll wait for the subs ne.
I hope they release them sodt as well. *lazy to dl again* XD

*mulls* then again I suppose I you spent more time on Poupeegirl, it'd be easier to remember how girls are supposed to talk ne. XD

Madness on yaoi_daily IS SO GOOD.
I remember reading it quite a awhile back
but it was scanlated as far as now of course.
I Miyabi is such a fantastic character. Hee. 8D
Art almost makes me think of Homerun kun a little in some places.
Gosh Homerun kuuuuuuuun! *-* Such pretty artstyle.
Hahahaha and I got a useless Brunei note from Mon today.
The presiden'ts face is transparent yo..
Daijoubu kana.. XD
Ichigo MowMow's only $2.. The price.. did it drop? lol.
She's sleeping with Massuki again na...
*sweatdrop* It's not good to share in-ear earphones desu yo.. ;;;;
At least they're easy to clean.
Ahhhhh tech faire is this thurs-sat [sun? i forgot]
Doushiyou... Suntec right? I'll prolly go. Wanted to see the toyshops too. >w<
Maybe thursday.
Heros tomorrow~
I hope the carousel print is still in stock.
he ETC gingham ichgosare all gone. ;_;
JinLong has these super adorable white pigs on red...
But what to make!
A cute puff sleeve bolero with
a skirt like Meta's shogatsu line..
But.. a bolero in just quilting cotton? Mmn. Chotto... ka na. @_@
I hope there's a ruffling foot for my machine. ;_;

*mulls* I wanted to say otsukare to the organizer but..
well. I couldn't really translate that into English without it sounding a little strange. ;;;
then again it's like ue kara desu ne. ^^;;; wouldn't have been a good idea maybe.
Ahhhh! and. It just hit me during class when sensei was talking about but
JLPT's this sunday ne. XD;;;;;;
I shall go and download papers to try.

*sqees happily* I love this song.




general study sources
past papers [but no answers :/]
cool vocab test..can put in keitai..does it work with our phones?
sound files
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Current Music: Ketsumeishi - Seinaru Yoru ni
chronomaticsereith on November 28th, 2007 09:47 am (UTC)
okaa-san is... sleeping with massuki?!

we have the same exchange rate as brunei you know you can actually use it.
sakky_sakky_ on November 28th, 2007 03:35 pm (UTC)
ipod da yo. ;p

haha yes but you see the guy's face was rubbed off in places and the plastic was showing so the cashier-san at isetan wouldn't accept it.