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for a while, i had a bit of a sewing block. ._.;;; like, JSK or skirt?? lace?? could I possibly sell this off?? zomg crap why is this white so blue and brihgt??! and why did the colour bleed onto my white cutsew and alice trump socks?! ;_______________________;

haha stupid thigs like that.

In the end I started a blue skirt, and I'm prolly gonna make a sleeve top to go with it. ^^ It's the blue swiss cotton~ ^^ I need lining and a better matching blue tho, so I'll go to Chinatown tomorrow. >w<~ Started on a felt applique for that awesome $3! blackxhot pink pullover, buuut... I ran outta black embroidery floss. -_-;; whaddaya know. And I seem to have lost all my seam pickers.. wtf. XD;;; hrmn and some blue ribbon for the beading lace.. Maybe I should get a cooler beading lace from lavender. Hrmn. I have to go there anyway ne.. cos I forgot 2m for kuro's jsk lol. XD;

also, took more photos of the damn cats, hurhur.

damn cats.. they just took over an entire pigeon hole to themselves lol.
Also, I really want a mini tripod. And the cool remote controller thing for the same.
[Although I could just use the one huge ass tripod and put the cam on 2 sec timer..]
shaky, shaky hands. -_-;;;;

I love Chirstmas singles! >w<
I hope NewS does one. Preferably a capella, or bossa nova or jazz or even a little ska? Hee. >w<
Also? this vid is absolutely hilarious. XDD Eeteuk~ You have such nice arms. >w< <3333
zomg and search shokugan on flickr. So many goodies!! 8D *rolls*
And why isn't there a *smiling* or at least happy looking Lati white, srsly. -_-;;
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