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23 November 2007 @ 10:48 pm
i like how it rolls off your tongue.

*clod clod clod*
up the wooden stairs..
There's a dying cockroach here on the stair landing..
*twitch twitch twitch*
*twitch twitch twitch* *twitch twitch twitch* *twitch twitch twitch*
twitching like it just got rolled up by a katamari..

by the time we went for lunch, it was gone.


Mushroom and chicken rice please?

errr xiao mei ah..
ara. orh.


school is out, whoo. 8D

I'm going to get crappy grades for this module. Ah well.

Was over and done with the iffy presentation quick enough;
Jai's research project seems interesting. Hmnnmnm.

anything goes lingerie competition by triumph.
totally trying it out.
they passed around lingerie during the briefing....
hahahaha. frikking hilarious.

xmas at milennia walk..
I'll fax in my entry form tmr. lol.
Irene dyed her hair black and changed her lip colour.
She loks so much younger. o.o sugoi!

And today all the lecturers [vernon wilson harvey] were wearing black. lol. doushite desu?

Had really quick lunch after presentations and debrief, then went for the lingerie comp briefing, then chionged reading portfolio, ran around a bit [food shyo $$$ file!!!] and printed and punched holes then SUBMISSION! yes and it's over. too late to send shyo off though. haha i didn't even know she was leaving today. XD

Then nua-ed a wee bit, and went for dinner...
we finally decided on the  interchange foodcourt.
watched cheesy family drama!!!! hongkong show and saw the new taku kimu ad. XD
anyway had the best ice jelly there everrrrrrrrr.
nic went to buy dessert since he finished first
one kachang, jacq and me had ice jelly, and mel had bobochacha.

way back when we were into like maybe block 2?
me and mel had dessert there.
the bobochacha was pretty awful.
she swore never to have it again but...
in the end, she forgot desu ne. XD


Came home, slept on the train.
almost got off wrongly at bugis...
fell asleep again and ended up having to get off at tanjong pagar. -_-;;;

zomg speaking of which cartoon kattun with horikitty was adorable. XD
She looked so cute in the pink apron! x3
Ueda is so adorable with specs on! >w< *wants to cuddle* hee
And Junno is...lame. srsly. XD
And liek zomg, Koki you dork. XD <3

haha CYYYYYYYYYN pass me HEYHEYHEY. hee.

came home and watched yukan club and hataraki man...
hahahahhahha. yukan has scrappy acting and weaaaaaak plot, srsly. XD
The fight scenes are really kinda weak..
And the weird CGI ttly ruins it. XD
Ah well. Noriko gets really cute clothes na. *-*


Hataraki Man..
zomg they changed so much that watching the anime only helps so much. :/
You know what. The guy playing Tanaka's pretty hot. Should find out a bit more.
SUBS DAMMIT ep 7 alr. ;________________;


talking to aya..
it's cold.
it's summer, but it's cold?
it's cold...


Ah I'll do my pupe girl coordinate..

Hrm tmr...
drafting the bodice, fax milennia walk, go lavendar if time?
and kino 20% percent off! hrm or sunday also can.

xmas shopping.....what to get?

ah, this song makes you sleepy na. <33333
i'm sekritly hoping for News do what dong bang did and do an a capella chritmas release. 8D
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Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: News - Sono Egao Boku ni Misete
chronomaticsereith on November 24th, 2007 10:42 am (UTC)
omg yes I'm cold yo.

And what's the deal with the 'xiao mei' thing and mushroom and chicken rice?
I don't get it.
I'm slow on the uptake. =______=
sakky_sakky_ on November 24th, 2007 06:22 pm (UTC)
lol aya needs a cute scarf. or a scoodie! haha. or like, todiefor! noriko! clothes. XD Maybe we should get the aya and cute fur collar with poms poms. XD And matching pom pom earrings and hairties. ...lupo! *shot* haha

lol no la, it was like I was ordering food at the foodcourt and being half asleep. Then the auntie was like... oi xia mei ah. bra strap showing leh. lol.