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ice cream!

was really fun
Cyn and Aya and Sak
went to Central for a lovely lunch and dessert at Azabu Sabo -
They need cuter uniforms, srsly!
[We wish they'd put their ikemen in cute butler outfits...or crossplay meidos? XD
and the girls uniforms should be wa-meido dresses XDDDD]
After that..we went to Dhoby to catch the bus to Aya's
and played DDR XD
Haha first time I've seen the mat.
Aya srsly pwns the mat, Cyn pwns the controllers..
and Sak just sucks, lol.
I wanna be good at it dammit. >w<;
I can't quite imagine kor playing ddr though, lololol.
Hee and then of course, there was Katamariiiiiii~
Vivien's hugeass racing car one is crazy huge. o_o it's like what, 10m?!
When the pass is only 5m o____o

Today Monday
the first two weeks were maddeningly boring
but with competitions and assignments
things are becoming more interesting, hoho.

oh I learnt sth new today
Never mind = ne'er mind = neh mind.
Hence, point to chest, then head to say, never mind.

christmas competition thingy - I think I'll reuse the candystripe OP
jazz it up a bit, maybe give it a capelet thing too. yeah. <3
gosh srsly need to find Irene tmr.
discussing skit with Aaron and Jane after ComDi..
leave at 5 30, can make it to Ikoma  in time la.


zomg found a JE fangirl in Jap class..
but she only likes Yabu and HeySay, so...
cannot really fangirl together la. >_> ah well.
zomg and sensei does not know jyannizu?!
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