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today was like a katamari.
Originally me and Melissa were just going got the interview for the dresser job.

We ended up checking out the beading/charms/findings shops along South Bridge [or is it circular.. haha navigationally challenged.], had lunch at a kopitiam around there, walked around central for a little bit, then went fabric window shopping and clothes shopping in People's park, then went to the quilting places in Tanglin - and ended up checking out the toy shop and the flea market too. Which is on everyday for Nov and Dec. :o so exciting.

We ended up spending quite a bit..
Well it's under a hundred, but considering that i will be buying fabric...
~_~ ah well.

I didn't find THE print tho. ;_;
I suppose I was looking for something really bright and cute. Maa.
Maybe I'll order off the net?
There's still haji lane tho, and the really expensive one at Taka, and a number of other places locally if you're looking for kimono prints and all but... Yeah think I'll order off the net. Dammit gotta find someone with paypal. I'm eyeing these two pieces - problem is it's not a big lot of fabric but still.. like an accent, or ruffles or tiers. red x print, i dunno. Or dorrie things! :D There's also pretty much all the prints here...but it's pretty expensive. :x But then considering it's hand printed and a reprint of a vintage and chirimen....... peeeeeeeem. *wants*

there's this really pretty print at the tanglin place though.
Gradiated in cream to seasalt or cream to pink to black.
sakura scattered in a few layers while, self colour and gold.
It's rlyrlyrlyrlyrly lovely.
I like the seasalt alot one but I dunno really how to match it..
The cream-pink-black is really nice but I don't like the pink fading to black.
It's pretty reasonable I suppose..
then again, when was the last time you saw a cream and seasalt rori right?!
I dunno...cream-seasalt then a cream underskirt and a white blouse..
white rockinghorses with cream fishnets? And white pink accents, yes.
Pink tsumami flowers, kinchaku and cords..
or goldenorcheyellow accents would work as well <3
or teal!!

haaaaaayyyyy maybe i should get it anyway...
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