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07 November 2007 @ 11:12 pm
sak wants some takuya angel dammit XD  
hahahaha omg it's at 132 now. XDDD

lol anyway anyway anyway.

I crazy mad really wanna do a Takuya Angel/waloli/those jrocker outfits with kimono elements style outfit for EOY -
but it'd be even more fun as a group right? like zomg!! :D
I remember there was a pretty good decora shoot too.
Haha but I know like practically noone on sgcafe ^^;;;
And there's exactly one month to EOY, it's kinda short notice.
*mulls* although it might be a bit more appropiate for streetfest huh...
Aaaaaah still zomg I dunno i dunno...Haha at most it'll just be a lonely warori sak. XD;

lolololol found myself on some chinese mag that was reporting on cosfest. *amused*


COMDI ended early today, and Jacq's rather magnificently yellow tartan pants tore, so we went to the interchange so she could by comething else to wear. XD Jessica and Sak proceeded to take notes on This Fashion's princing and have come to the strange conclusion that diff outlets can sell the exact same thing for a very diff price. Chotto shocku deshita! lol.

then had lunch at Tampines Mall's LJS..
er the fries are nice but the cutlery really sucks.
If you're serving meat that needs to be cut prz to not be providing flimsy fragile disposable plastic for utensils dammit. :x haha and then Jacq said that LJS throw most of the feedback away without reading it, maa.

haha and saw kuro!! lolol
who was meeting her sister
who happened to be at the next table. XD haha


kickass Takuya Angel shoot *-*
New takuya Angel site
..TokyoDacadence may be rather questionable but omg clothes!
Shichi-Go-San....the kids are so cute!! lol and so much crappy raschel lace XD; zomg but the obi. *-*
er some visual kei band
another one? picharrrrs.
because the TA site is hell to navigate..
XD;; I actually like this one.
Cute etsy shop
Cute set on flickr


<3 set on photobucket
i want everything in this post. >w<


yes so.
sak needs to clear school work asap and haul ass and sew 8D
ashdkjg school you are IN THE WAY.
oh shit i forgot to check for yukan club
d addicts here i come XD


I need a jrocker picspam post dammit. clothesssss. hee.
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【☆★ cyn ★☆】rin_3 on November 8th, 2007 01:52 am (UTC)
jrocker picspam? XD askfjahsd i feel like doing it. I will when I have the time
sakky_sakky_ on November 8th, 2007 09:05 am (UTC)
hee yes cyn picspam us!! XDDDD you know you want toooooooo XD <333333