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omg, look here. <333

Shiro kodana? haha it's the first time I've heard that, but it's CUTE.

I want a [pretty cute skinny] boy to dress up now. >w<
[Tesshi? omg or Toma! XD Hahahaha and Junno!
Because Granmarie has such a ghei wardrobe. I love the stylist XD
Haha or anyone of the Jrockers, ahaha. Sexy thiiiighs. XD
Hee wait or Jeajoong? XD]

Haha I suppose that's why we have dolls.

I wanna see more girls and boys in boystyles. x3


You know I can't stand how on sgcafe they keep going..
"lolitas to sell!"
When they're selling their [invariably crappy raschel lace infested] clothes.
What are you, rori pimp? ;p

I think I'll restring Natsuki anyway.
Tags: lolita, natsuki

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