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happy birthday, yeah yeah ♪

Today we celebrated cyn's birthday~ <3
Haha. :3
Sak slept in, met Mon at Ikoma.
Iris-san now believes Mon is an A student for Chinese.
She is also thoroughly convinced that I'm pathetic at it. XD
It's sad; it's true; I'd never heard of Jackie Zhang. XD;;
Aya came soon later, then we went to Taka dept store, which was pretty unproductive.
XD;;; What to get cyn what to get cyn what to cyn..
Halfway Kiwi came.
What to get cyn what to get cyn what to cyn..
Gift card? No wait omg yes a Kino card!!
Hence we got her a Kino card.
But Mon had to go distract cyn while we got the kino card or she'd have seen us.
After that we had to get wrapping paper and stuff and pay at a diff counter too. XD
Kiwi and sak are not as inconspicuous as auntie!mode!aya; we got seen by cyn XD;;
So after that we talked in Chinese alot. Much to cyn's annoyance. XD
Aya and Sak ran off to the the sunny corner to quickly wrap.

Maa. After that we went to Mos.
Sak, as usual, went to order.
Sak, as usual, was ordering for the likes of a Mon and an Aya.
Sak, as usual, koped fries. XD
Mon ate her hot dog, aya ate her cow.
Cyn was annoyed since both of them were eating before dinner. XD

Maa. After that we went to central..
But waraku was only open at 6. XD;;
We waited.
Mon and Aya memorized their OP scripts..
Braces! Ikea!

Cyn's dad, by the way, is vair cute.
Cyn's mom looks vair tai tai. XD
Kiwi and Sak decided later that the cute genes came from Mr Cyn. XD

Dinner was vair the good! XD
Aya was unusually on about phototaking.
Mon's udon bowl was bigger than her head.
So you can imagine it was exceptionally large. XD *lame*

Haha and Mon and Kiwi were vair excited upon seeing the bungee thingoo.
And yet, Mon is afraid of standing broad jumps. XD
But there's logic to it, really.

After dinner we walked round the riverside area
Went zomgcoolness! at the wheelchair/clinic restaurant place
Had lovely dessert; cake and ice cream and sherbet and waffles!
Mon and Aya know very old songs. BeeGees! lololol.
Somehow after that we ended up singing old News songs.
And the occassional Hey!Say!7 to annoy Cyn. XD
Haha we can only do the beginning part though.
And Jin wasn't there, so it's not as good. XD

And it only just dawned on me that it's Nov 1 tmr. NUS talk!
I'll message Jin and Mon in the morning.

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