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homg, Hataraki Man is good. :D
It's got some really pretty shots, esp the opening <333
and the story and characters are growing on me <3
And there's this super adorable insert at every end, kind of like shinigami's cup GOLDEN!
Yeee watch it watch eeeet! Haha even though no JE boys. XD
I think I'll go watch the anime after the drama.
I'm kind of happy I haven't watched it yet, so it's like you don't have anything to compare the drama to, so you won't b dissapointed? something like that la.

Watched Gandum00 1
....eheh. I don't get it show la. XD
Kouga Yun isn't enough..
But like. Pretty liiiiights. *-* kirakira~
Pretty lights aren't enough either tho. Hur.
Hrmn. Gonna try Moyashimon next. :D The microbes all look so cute. XD

FreeRice is a fantastic idea. :D
Go try it! Donate rice and practise your vocab.
So lovely.

This was really lovely too.

Working on FIPD final moodboard now..It's annoying me D:
Gathering pics was a cinch but putting them together this time round really sucks. D: WAI.

Photoshop is slow as crap.
I don't know why I have so little space in my com. o_0
I've cleared out pretty much everything!
in terms of vids.
My pics and music amount to 10+14=24..
But both of that's on the d drive what. it should be okay innit! >_<"""

program files WTF is that other 20 coming from?!?!?!

Eeeee lolita_lola group order on sgcafe...
[black or red?? x3]
meep even if I alr have a pair or white rori shoes..
I want rockinghorses in white too. ._.
Tags: anime, dorama
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