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*melts into goo*

Haha. backlog again..

Sunday 14th Oct
Mos~ This time with Sa and Trix and Mon and Germ and Cyn. Omoshiroi datta yo. XD Haha.
Mos fries~~~~~~ :D Haha Cyn did GP [and kept checking Alice Nine's blogs, lol. Haha they're so cute la <3]
After that...went to Orchard with Mon.. Had IchigoMilk MowMow with Jin in Ikoma~
Haha can you believe it, that was the first time I had the ichigo flavour one. XD 本当に美味い!! :DDD
Mmmm..ato nani ka na.. ah sou da, Mise he itan da!! :D Haha so many NewS Taiwan posters and stuff. <333
I really love the group shots..the clothes aren't the best though. oh well. XD
But yes, adorable group shots. So cute.
I ended up buing the clear file with the group shot. <3
Haha. $$ got sucked..
Maa, it's okay, compared to what they charge for the booklet..

Came home, walked around Square 2 by myself before going home..
I don't know why, haha. Didn't buy anything anyway, lol.
!!! I found this short pinafore/overalls thing..the design is pretty bad, to me.
BUT. THE PRINT. ADORABLE. It's like IW's Alice trump print but BETTER.
WANTWANTWANT. It's like. 60 bucks tho,. The amount of cloth is pretty pathetic soooo.
Agrh, annoying, why couldn't the designer just have made it into something cuter dammit. D:

Got home..ate

insert a monday where i tried to do work but mostly bummed...

..ended up doing work till morning. D:
I am, however, very happy with it....especially the cover page. 8D

5 bakas and one sexyosakaman! XDDD Haha I love how Ryo's just standing there laughing at the rest. XD

[Hee I hope there's something like a wristband or charms for the winter tour..>w<]
Also, merciboucoup makes adorable clothes. As does Tsumori Chisato. omg. loveee.
Ridiculously expensive. D:

Tuesday 16th Oct
Got home pretty late...
Wen to school..
Deadlines got extended by a day each, ho.
Wilson let us off early.
Went home..
Napped at 3 30..ended waking up at 645  D:
Was a bit late for ikoma, eheh. ^^;
教科書も忘れたXD; 仁がいるのは本当にLUCKYだね^^
haha and we got to make conversations so that was fun. XD

Got home again..
Tried to work all night again and fell asleep at 3-7. Haha. phail.

Wednesday 17th Oct
Cut class and worked at home instead. Ha.
Rushed down to school to pass up before 6pm.

Hurhur, look I ripped off the gate print for homework. XD
I'm sure the pink one looks like this older Juliet et Justine dress a while back.. lol

Went to the sewing room where mel and shyo and jacq and class were sewing thier pleated skirts..
Ended up staying till 10, and drew/sewd/whined about how hungrry we were. XD

Shyo was zi highing and played DDR using stepmania, lolololol. It quite quite amusing XD
Can you believe it, somehow the only food!vending machine (in our faculty) on 5th florr died cos the wire broke. Lame shit haha.

homg and there was this vair cool pair of jeans on the rack -

The pocket stitching is adorable prz. want!to make!

Got home at 11ish.
Ate, showered...
Worked for maybe an hour..
Decided to wake a nap on the couch for a bit...
and woke up at like, 8 45 [Thursday 18th Oct] . hur.
Luckily class started at 11 that day.
Had about an hour to run about like a mad chicken.
Got to school....finished the hotel assignment round evening. -_-

Handed it in;
Went to the sewing room again,
went to cao all the stuff there. haha quite fun. 8D
Went home with shyo and jacq..mel let earlier, lol.

Oooh, bought these really cute hairclips on the way home

Hee they'd go so adorably with a classic loli outfit. <3

Got home around 10 30, 11 again.

Watched Yukan's cute!! :D
Jin's entrance is so glam, haha.
The fighting is so fake though. XD
First ep lacks the spark that Ouran and HanaKimi had though, i dunno.
It'll prolly get better or grow on me.
Junno is SO GHEI. XD
And the school is as ghey as Ouran. It's a bloody castle for god's sake..XD
haha is anyone else going to follow Hataraki Man...*sweat*

Anyway, slept 12 - 3 =_=;;
Chirarizumu woke me up XD
Got ready stuff for the evening wear assignment in the morning >_<;

Friday 19th Oct
Hur hur had curry puff for breakfast. :D umai!! karai kedo XD;
Anyway, wore my ichigo tiered skirt for the first time~ <3333
Haha it's so lame finished it in September somemore..
Worked on evening wear assignment in class,
went for lunch with jessica, shyo and rachel
food at the chinese cooked food stall was better than usual, ahah.
Pottered/drew/did HOC quiz in the sewing room again,
went home with Rachel.
lol used the busstop across the's been a vair long time since I went some from there.

Next going to be quite rushed.

weekend - complete evening wear assignment; FIPD final mood board + thumbnails
Monday - HOC final assignment consultation
Tuesday - evening wear deadline 6pm work in class if need
Wednesday - FIPD final - illust work complete in 3 hrs
Thurs - FIPD final - production drawings complete in 3 hrs
Friday - HOC final assignment deadline 6pm

Ha. hahahahaha. shit la.
Shit must no bum around this weekend.
Except Sunday. ;p
Day of Rest dammit. XD

Oh yeah, next sem's timetable came out on Thurs.
Rachel and me checked out everyone else's since the system is this awesome stalker-y tool. XD
I have classes 12-3 and 6-9 next block. D:
Haha haven't decided wheather to cut the 6-9 class on Tues,
it's Japanese as well.  Haha. stupid shit.
Which reminds me, need to sign up for the JLPT3 prep course asap!
And I need to return my library books on Monday too.
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