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animepaper is annoying me.
nothing to watch is annoying me.
sucking at inking is annoying me.
sucking at colouring is annoying.
talk of parsons and london for xmas is annoying me. [?!]
talk of summer school [fit??] is annoying.
lack of time is annoying,
talking before checking and thinking is annoying me.
having class till 530 yesterday still annoys me.
forgetting details is annoying me.
the newspaper.
being grossly sedentary.
LJ not having emoji annoys me.
losing that site that posted weekly clips from shiget together really really really depressed me.

people buying my stuff on poupee cheers me.
finding those few scans cheered me.
kuro helping me find pics cheers me.
replying comments cheers me.
whining to aya was fun.
playing with kiwi was fun.
finding sixth day wonder cheered me.
rewatching the hoshi wo mezashite extra cheers me.
window shopping with mom cheered me.
that i look forward to lunches cheer me.
that the wind is good in school cheers me.

but if I have so much
I should
get back to work.

I want a sewing holiday.
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