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backlog dammit.

It stormed in the afternoon~
:3 Glad a wore my surfer paradise hoodie today.
Sketched designs most of the day;
My IR resort became a turn of the century bed and breakfast.
Maa. Just have to look for the relevant architecture for the moodboard..

High Gothic is much love btw. *_*
I want to print and stamp on jsks and sks!!
like go get a set of rubber stamps done. *______*

Marius [Blood and Gold, Anne Rice] is really good for History of Costume. 8D
Well, unti 17th century I guess. After that he glosses over.
I wanna read Blackwood Farm.

Nua-ed in the canteen with Jessica and Nic for lunch..
The Western food stall was really empty when we went down [lucky!!] so Jessica and me had that as a change from the usual Chinese food. Haha and then nua-ed.  Lately we always nua after lunch.

I always go to join Jessica/whoever's there in the 4th floor sewing room afer Fashion Illust in the then, it's lunch time. Watching them sew..Ahhhh, I'm annoyed I didn't join the Cuckoo Couture competition. But since I'm having 2 subjects this block, I would have died.. -_-;; Maa. Rainen mou aru kara, ee jan...

Watched Lovely Complex Finale....*_________* Stylisto san kakkoi I really can't wait for the illust book. *_____* Haha which reminds me my loveless illust book is still with Yassu...mou, return it already!! [haha gomen, emoji kawaii kara..XD ]

Rachel didn't come for class today...chotto sabishi deshita.
Maa, since Ethel and Ili and Jasper are sitting next to's quite lively, even if I'm usually not involved.

Finally the ipod was working~~
Ah..I feel asleep and took to Pasir Ris on the way to school.
It's the 2nd time. XD

Yesterday 11 Oct 07

Passed up assignment 1 for Fashion Illust~~
Yokatta~ Finally, it was done.
Haha I'll post it. My posts are pretty boring na

Mood boards

Design drawings

Haha I totally prefer my mood board.
But the cutsews are really cute na!
Haha maybe I'll really make them one day.
But printing.... Chotto komaru da.

After Fashion Illust, went over to the sewing room.
Rachel and Jessica and Chere had a really long, nua-full lunch.
Haha and then...I fell alseep while they were talking.
Haha but it's okay la..since it was my second day with barely any sleep [was doing assignment..^^;], and they were talking about boyfriends, so it's not like I had anything to say.

After that..we went to the CAD lab to use the coms..then Rachel went home, and I went to the Library to look up stuff for Costume History Assignment 2. Spent way too much time there..left at about 5 30 I think. Sigh. And accidentally didn't charge my ipod.. But at least I had the earphones for my phone. Lucky~ The problem is that the connection is pretty shit, so I have to put a hairtie over the jack so it'll stay connected.. Recently, I think it's getting worse... Haha since the problem is only with the plugin, it's not a huge problem..^^;

10th Oct 07
Didn't sleep at all. ^^;;;
This is part of the reason...-_-

Stupid powerpoints. x_x

Kinda interesting that wings a couple of thousand years ago?
Look about the same as alot of wings in manga. XDD

There a huge group of fanboys/girls in YongKin's lab fangirling over Crisis Core and cosplayers and etc while we were choinging finish above assignment. [So what the relationship between Cloud and Zack? Sak: (quietly chortling in head) Ahahahaha hello can't you see eeeet?!?!?!] XDDD Listening to them was quite amusing. Ahhh but they're lucky na. To be able to have people to fangirl with in school.. Maa. Shikata nai.

Forgot to bring my ipod today. -_-;;;
Didn't bring the earphones for my phone either. -_-;;;

9th Oct 2007
It's Tuesday~~~
So that means there IKOMA right?
Haha. Hahahhaha.
Kyou wa heyheyheyheyhey yasumi desu yo...
Haha. But Jin and Mon were there anyway.
Jin's SC Pinky perf is HOT yo. nnngh. XD
Also, the 'mei wa hosee' talk is hilarious. XDDD
Bakanishi.. shitzunishi? XDD
tension was high da ne~~
Haha and Mon's sensei is so cute la prz.
And her class is on the whole, so awesome. :D

Had arranged with nic-san to meet up in Ikoma to pass her the rest of her stuff.

Haha it's cute innit. XD
New fleece feels sooooo nice. *___*
Small comissions are refreshing na~
Haha don't the waves reminds you of Destiny Island~?
Oh yeah Aya, can you pass me KH stained glass pics? Need. D:
And FFAC ones if you have...

After that..left Ikoma with Jin..she went shopping [Ne nanika katta no?? :3 ].. I went home to finish the Persia assignment. Didn't sleep. -_-;;

9th Oct 2007
uwah I forgot what happened. XD;;;
Ah!! Must have been getting really high on all the Taipei con posts.

I love the garden photoshoot in the concert booklet. XDDD it looks so cute
I hope someone scans it. X3
And the clear files...*_______*

Haha doing this post was fun takes too long.
Tmr...I feel like wearing rori.
It's all rotting in my closet..
Yosh~~~ Let's make next week a rori week language bar's dissapeared.. Dondake...
Maa.. And all the emoji are from poupee girl..XD
Haha but maybe only Sa and Jin and Trix would be interested.
[XD if anyone wants, I'll invite you!! Then we both can have 30 ribbons each!! XD]
Haha I find it actually helps with school for this block. XDD
On that note..if you've ever wondered what's in my closet..clicky. XDD

And it's a bit belated but....
Happy Birthday Trix~~~~~

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