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nanyanen D:

Woke up at 10 30..
And then slep again till 2 30. :x

Stupid. x_x

Work to clear today and Saturday,

-HistOfCostume illustrations x3 + colour
-HOC powerpoint..Ancient Persia yo.
-HOC producion drawings + colour
-Fashion llustPD production drawings [finish inking :X]
-[comission] Tha frog hat - eyes and base
-FIPD 5 tops cut and paste [scan today and print on monday..]

since Sunday is prolly all gone to crew stuff. 8DDDD
Hurhur are we going over to Aya's or is it still TPC?

I suck at copics and inking :x

I still can't get over how I managed to wake up at 2!!30!!.

Been rereading Blood and Gold..nnngh.
I should go and pick up Pandora's maybe.
Read it borrowed from the Tanglin library a long time ago.
Oh oh and the one with Quinn and Lestat!
Never picked that one up.
I should be reading more nourishing novels really..
Not all this pretty escapist Anne Rice.
lolololol but it's so yummy. Like a bag of chips 8DDD

Was reading bits from this thesis-turned-book type of thing,
Ancient Greece was vair good for slashy fics, oh yes.
[The obsession with the beautiful youth/boy you see. 8D]
Persia had its share of slashy myths to boot too
The Epic of Gilagamesh - although, I kept thinking of the jrock band. XD

Yeah spent quite a bit of time in the school library on Tuesday and Wednesday.

School's suckily lonely now that we all got mixed up into different classes. :x
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