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aslkjgfd. :D

Found the most kickass hoodie tut.
Thing is, I don't really know to get normal knits. :x
Apart from Spotlight.
Still haven't found a pattern for that 6 piece beret thing. Bah.

Anyway. Anywayanyway.
Today went round Bugis and Arab St and Chinatown -
It was more aimlessly wandering about than shopping.
Bought that pink tartan in chinatown,
got the rest of the twill for kuro's dress,
finally remembered to buy bobbins.
Had a bitch of a time looking for a mint green for the Shirley Temple print. :x
Didn't find anything. Sooooo. It's just going to be a skirt.
Gathered and scalloped with a lace panel before the scalloping..yeah it'll be cute.
Tried to look for lace for kuro's jsk too..
Found a sorta okay substitute; but then again haven't tried the farrer uncle.
I'll go there on wed.
Finally bought sandpaper can finish sanding Natsuki. -_-;;
Lol he's being quite neglected.
Oh! And today was dumb.
Went back to Bugis upon realizing I had forgotten to find faceup remover stuff..
But. Art friend and Straits Commercial close especially early on weekends. D'oh.
And then much to my chagrin, SG gahmen doesn't let you sell rubbing alcohol at 90%
unless you have a license. -_- ehh.


tmr - alter mom's blouse, go find some good solvent, the usual study session at tpc.
mon - sand Natsuki, maybe got face ups a shot. XD Work on kuro's dress, maybe try a practice circle skirt with the pink tartan..
tue - kuro's dress, the mint green, natsuki. Then meetup with lawliet, then bum around a bit before Ikoma XD Possibly go Spotlight as well.
wed - dunno, but going over to Aya's with Cyn. Holland V before that - replace black hoodie; go the the lace uncle.
thur - kuro's dress, the mint green, natsuki.
fri - The pink tartan! XD I think a half circle skirt. No wait, I wanna try that Watanabe pattern. 8D
weekend - dunno. Prolly try out that hoodie tut!!! 8D that entails another fabric shopping trip, ooh.

O SNAP I forgot a zipper for kuro's dress. -_-
Nvm. Will be making another trip for the great hoodie tryout. 8D
SG doesn't seem to have much in nice printed jersey though...?

Gah and looking at the sale at Converse - I'm still damn pissed my wite pair got stolen. Warghhhhh.
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