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I don't feel productive.

Finished the broderie ichigo skirt...
It came out pretty. :D
I think I'll make hair bows and a blouse tie to match.

Played around with dorrie shoe patterns...
I almost have the pattern I need figured out,
just have to see how sewing with the actual stuff goes.
I think I can make a pair of rockinghorse ballerinas.
The wood bottoms need to be done in the PID workshop tho.. :/
Maa, can make some cute MJs in the meantime.
Or try figure out boot patterns. Just for the heck of it.

Watched more BusuKoi...ep 11 is almost finished, and 12 is long done, so. :D
Then I can dump everything in the external, and get back to hanakimi. :D

Tried making some icons...haha phail, i think.
Helped out in bro's and Aya's projects..omg my bro phails prz.

Looked at punky rori clothes...
omg maxcimam makes these adorable detacable bunny hood ear things..
I'm ttly gonna give it a go.
I need to go back to Holland and get that black hoodie first tho.

I need sandpaper in 400 and 600 and 1000 dammit. D:
Wai so hard to get. :x

Dunno what to sew next.
Shirely Temple green ichigo? But I want to turn that into a jsk.
So then we need to get some matching green...?
Which could be quite the bitch innit.
Or maybe..Just buy a cute btssb blouse.
Carousel print? But I think I wanna do that as a jsk as well.
Oh yeah the pink ichigo!
And fix the pink swiss cotton better.
I want to try making a cutsew! X3
Tags: dorama, i suck, sewing

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