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Today..I woke up late, again, at 12.
That's kinda how it's been ever since Textile Fundamentals and Manipulation ended.
That works out to be over a month...良くないですね。

まあ昼ご飯を食べたら、ネットをしました...そのあと、ブロデリー苺スカートのベルトが作った。久しぶりで、作り方があまり分からなくて、ちょっと困るだった。 でも最後に何とかできたので、よかったな~ まあ、そのより、やっぱりひるで手作りな物をしますね。。部屋がとても明るくて、気持ちだ  

ゴムはまだ入らないけど。イコマ行かなくちゃ ハハ、休みの時楽しいね~ 今日はモウモウが食べかったし、隣のクラスのイケメンも見たし ハハメッチャ面白かった、イケメンが見たいから、ファンギャルの感じでモン&Co.が急に一緒に来た。

Maa, after lunch surfed around, and then worked on the waistband for the broderie ichigo skirtIt's been a while, so making the waistband was pretty problematic  But somehow managed in the end, yokatta na~ Maa, apart from that, daytime is really the best for making things ne~ The room's flooded with light so there's a good feeling  

I haven't put the elastic in yet tho. Ikoma ikanakya Hee, break time was fun ne~ Got to eat mowmow today, and saw the ikemen from next door's class lol, damn funny - becuase of the ikemen, Mon&Co. came like a hoard of fangirls.and then after passing the ikemen's class a few times [all the better to see, my dear] sqeed over Yusuke's photoshoot in this month's Myojo. In the middle of the corridor somemore. lololol. Aaah I wanna see his new hairstyle ne~ Go his blog tomorrow or something.

Hee and should get back to normal sleeping hours.

ああそうだ。大切な仁へ: HIGH SCHOOL MUSICALのRIPはこっち
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