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うわ~ 今日もええだったぜ!^^v
Met with Mon and Aya and Cyn to study, we were actually productive for once. o_o sugoi!! haha. We moved alot though. 3 tables in Mos, then 2 tables in Mac, then we went to Long John's. lololol. And everyone loves ~Kiss~ Kaerimichi no Love Song..ahhhh i don't have the DVD special ver PV tho. D: Maaa... lol we almost went to watch Hairspray, but well, not enough time. Aya's like, ttly a housewife now na...XDD She went home early to...cook. sporfle. 8D Then after a while the 3 of us wandered round More Than Words (omg i'm so happy it's back in tpc. ;_;) and Comics Connection (lol) for like, god knows...but in the end, we didn't buy nuthin'. lol. So mon still needs some cute keitai strap thingy..maa. And I have no idea how one fixes a voodoo doll thingamabob or how anyone can actually believe in them buuuuuut.... サッキがんばります!

で、うちに帰ったら、花盛り9を見た~ *-* It's so cute when Nakatsu breaks out in Ikenai Taiyou. XD kyaaaaa, and next week is confession! And lots of Shirota Yuu by the looks of it. doki! cough it's also the ending...? or is it 12 eps. no i think it's 10.. argh. Sigh the manga art isn't what I usually go for though. :/ But it could be worse. The style, it's a little like Ouran manga ka na? Gah and I rly hope Heat Island gets upped... and subbed... It's a cute yakuza street comedy kinda thing. Hee and Yuu-kun's starring~ XD

Hee, and my love for Lovely Complex has been rekindled. *-* Caught up with the anime over the weekend (Aya 3Q!! <3 Yappari okaasan ichiban da!! XD) and all up to ep 20, and after that sqeeed with cyn, and then we somehow went to sqeeing over how cute akito?agito? is. Hee I <3 Air Gear art, but I don't get the plot, lol. And then regressed to sqeeing about Nakahara Aya's art *-* Hee I love it, it's got that fashion illustration kinda feel to it. Hee she puts Risa and Otani in such cute clothes and all. <3 Can't really find any scans of the splash pages tho, so I'm feeling alittle deprived of lovecom art. ;_; homg and then......I spoilt myself and dl-ed the finale chapter. And read it raw, lolololol. (sugoi, I understand it! kansaiben da moun! maa, almost. XD;) Maa, there's a sequel tho. Imaginatively titled Lovely Complex Plus. lolololol. wtf Nakahara sensei?? Lol

I just really really really rlyrlyly want a lovecom artbook published. ;_; hoshi!!

Haha anyway's tmr's pretty full; research in the libraby at 10ish, lecture at 3-6,'s Hairspray with Mon and Cyn and Aya and Mrs Ayatsu! XD kay it's almost 3, totally hitting the sack.

omg. monthly taobao ordering service thing on sgcafe. Devide by 3 instead of 5 (to include shipping and handling)'s about the same as shipping it yourself really. omg. SHOES. dokiiiiiiii! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. okane ga nai. XD
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