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kiri kiri~

Today was a totally lovely day :D
We had beautiful weather. <333
Blue skies and bright sun and pretty colours and we went back to IJ for teachers day..
The teachers were all so cute and saw so much of our year <3333
It was just so good seeing everyone yanno :D
I heart these people so much. <3333333
No one like that anymore it seems sometimes.
and like omg, the hall finally got aircon. @_@
For the first time in eleven years!, I said, omg the hall is bloody cold.
haha. so weird and annoying.
Woke up late; missed mass (damn,)
sat through the not very good but kinda cute entertainment..
Went to the rooftop~ , went in [unsuccesful] search of bubble tea..
Went to Aya's~
And sqeed over Never Ending Wonderful Story and Hana Kimi 2 because Nakatsu is just so adorableeeeeee
And then we got caught in the fogging on the way out.
I never knew it was so bad. X_x;;;

Post pics later, Mom's holding the cam hostage. lol.

<3 <3 <3 <3!!!!

Random observations.
Kayashima is mostly greys and blacks with the interesting scarf and.or skinny tie thing
Sano is whites whites light greys and the dash of navy
Nakatsu is bright warm colour red white green orange (blue yellow) always with a jacket sorta ugly JE worthy tartan shirts and sleeveless hoodie things..
Nanba get slates and navy with the kinda beng necklace..

omg i'll dling so many screencaps. XD
Hanazakari saiko da~~~~~~! <333333333
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