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want desu. ._.
SGspree is so tempting. :x
So many clearance sales around this period too.
[I think, given the chance, I'd dress like all the guys from Dorm 2. XD
I love Mizuki's big red Nikes. And Nakatsu's recurring green jacket thing. :D]
Uhmnmnmn. I think all over print hoodies are like adorable.
slkjdflksjd. Kinda broke? Not really. Uhmnn. Yah. yeah.
I really should go tailor that shirley temple jersey. ;_;
AHHHHH I really wish I got one of Baby's lucky packs.
;_; The stuff in there is mucho good.
AatP shirts and lovely blouses and skirts. sdkljfklgh.
Prease to be releasing online LPs in winter? ;_;

Went shopping for Mon's presents and all in taka..
Oh god the last time we went there proper was like. ages ago. ;_;
I love stationary <3
Mou-ed and sqeed over cute things with Aya and Cyn <3
Generally the retarded things we usually do.
Watched bits of Never Ending Wonderful Story on Kuropon..
Pumpkin is a very strange solo.
Massu gets very strange solos, in general.
It's B.A.D is a good example in particular, lol
And spent $$ on food with Cyn later.
It's really spend $ on food when you go out with Aya,
even if she leaves early for tuition? lolololol
contemplated dango, hazelnut gelato and wagashi and taiyaki...
but in the end cyn had omu rice and i had some liang soup thing, lol.
I <3 the white fungus stuff XD

came home and surfed around wiki somemore.
Last night was art & design movements,
day before was dystopian novels and films,
today was fairy tales, after the cute fairy tale post on egl.
Haven't surfed round wiki this much since the holidays holidays.

Oh yeah and we got our brief for the main DHC assignment.
It's worth 70% and its? Absolutely pathetic for a group project.
I quote, Who writes all this shit?
Not that I'm complaining, ha.

Ooh speaking of which, re-read the whole of Stealing Harry. <3333
It is totally the official canon, kthxbai and stfu DH.
[except for all the yummy next-gen fic. 8D So good.]

The Sano/Kagurazaka kiss is PRICELESSS. XDDDDDD
And the Toma moments. <33333 I love Toma. <33333
Oh god I love this drama.
They need to come out with yaoi dramas.
Like rly rly BL drams.
Something like Junjyou maybe?
But I suppose you'd have to take out the sex...
Or it'd end up being like Queer as Folk almost?
Not that that was bad, mind. XD

omgomgomg speaking of which?
New lecturer wrote a thesis on slash.
Ahahahahhahaha. XDDD
And he goes, Oh god, at your age??
And I'm like, well I started at 12 actually....
Lovely yassu then goes on to tell me that Jie Nat's lecturer's wife writes HP slash...
Oh fandom is such a lovely thing. <3333

And Changmin really looks like Junno. o_o
And DBSK can be pricelessly funny, omgomgomg.
Special videos! "Who the hell is this woman?!" Tearful heartfelt confessions of brotherly love!

*hearts madly*

This print is adorableeeeeeeeeeeee.
It's canvas tho.
(But I'm tempted to make a skirt out of it anyhow? homg.)
And they have the carosel print in pink. ;_;
They also have like, almost every other print ever from cosmo tex.

Kid delfs are so, so CUTE.
*wibbles* Chibimeili's Aru is. BEYOND ADORABLEEEEEE.
*writhes* askjhdfskjhdgsdf.
And pocket fairys are amazingly tiny! *flails*
Like mamegoma small. *brains was boggled*
cough yes.

meep. edit. John Bauer = LOVE.
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