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31 July 2007 @ 11:53 pm
mundane things. <3  
tie and dye submission went fine and dandy.
Despite me going O SNAP NO PICS TO PUT.
I love tripods and I love self timers, yes.
The print shop is bloody expensive I think. -_-
Oh yes finally sorted sorted out the damn scratch disks.
Couldn't start PS for ages until I deleted all the damn .tmp files. feh.
Set them to the D drive ten C drive too..
Hopefully no more dumb problems with it anymore, yeah.
Gah today when I was bending a little to open a door, there was this like..bolt of pain up a back. Went away after a few seconds..but still, worrisome. Maybe cos I fell asleep in the chair last night.. -_-
Ikoma is <333
Although, this block I'll never be early since we end at 6.
Ararara? My language bar just dissapeared.. o_0
Iyaa, made cute convos and sang and fangirled Yorokobi no Uta a bit.
<3 Ah, and signed up for JLPT3! *dokidoki*
Boo where did the lang bar go too 0_o
I feel broke. ._.
I want to being lunchboxes to school again.
Got a postcard from Aya~~ <3333
Fangirling in writing is fun too. :3
Doesn't compare to fangirling together together though, but hey.
Imma gonna brush me teeth and hit the sack. <3
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Current Mood: sleepysleepy
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