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gacked off our lovely yassu ;D

1. What are you afraid of?
Dying early and old age. o_o no rly that was what just came into my mind.
Being alone and friendless.

2. If you could rename yourself in real life, what would you choose, and why?
Something sparkly and cute and warm. Uhmn. I haven't ever really thought about renaming myself [i think sak lacks depth, although i'm very attached to that yes <3], but if I were to be something else in real life, I'd like to be a warm and sparkly and cute scarf. or shawl. Yeah. I'd be a knitted or crocheted thing, in fluffy sparkly cream and pink and chocolate yarn. Maybe I'd be a talking scarf. Maybe a scarf like the Sorting Hat! lololol And a biiiig fluffy scarf, that could double as a wrap or shawl..not some stupid skinny one, lawl.

3. What is one of the nicest things you've ever done for another person?
I...don't do enough of these things I think. ._. and I always feel I don't say thank you enough yanno?

Mmmmn...but anyway I like to think it was when I sewed those felt door hanger things for christmas in...sec 3? 2? I forget when. But yeah. Gah and I never sewed one for cyn or sa.. *pokes the bought-but-nevr-used felt in the corner*

4.How did you spend summers when you were a kid?
Weeeeeell almost all my life I've been in the tropics..
Haha but I rarely go overseas for holidays. Not that I don't like travelling, just that I'm perfectly happy at home in front of the computer and sewing machine and making stuff and thinking of things to make and hanging out with minna and SLEEPING. Haha.

*mulls* Next summer I may be in Parsons? For a summer class thing. Which would be like totally rad yanno? 8D Speaking of which should go find the CM about that..

Ten Random Things That Make Me Happy
10. Hanging with the Crew and rooftop people :D Esp the getting high parts! XD
09. Getting A+s for assignments? lololol
08. Watching doramas!
07. Good yaoi. 8DDDDD
06. Looking at the really pretty dorries <3
05. Looking at something I've made~~
04. Ikoma! Haha
03. JE boys, heh. omg and Toma is so cute in HanaKimi! >w<
02. Ouran! Aaaaah I need to borrow 9 and 10 off someone..
01. Shopping :D Oooooh, and Kino! And random cute crap! Like pretty paper!

Ten Things That Annoy Me

10. Running out of memory. T_T
09. When something I made gets damaged.
08. When I damage things. T_T
07. When people around me are....dumb?
06. Dumb fangirls. T_T (no wait maybe I'm talking about myself here..XDDD)
05. Shitty, unfunny english.
04. Crappy bathrooms.
03. No fruit in the fridge. Bah.
02. No veg in the fridge. Meh.
01. Wasting money. lol
00. Running outta time. @_@

I need to complete the screenprinting negative. o_o
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