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good weekend. :D

Heh, just came back from HP: OotP.

[nothing particularly spoilery. just things like why it sucked and things they cut. ;_;]

it sucked shit la, srsly.
excpet for Snape.
Snape was like.
His "No idea" was just. Gah. Love!!
And omgomgomgomg.
The five of us were chortling like the idiot fangirls we are.
The Occulumncy/Legimens was just. hhdljgaljgf!!
"I will...penetrate your mind."
Cough and yes and Potter's Hand is really the best hymn, EVAR.
I liked Tonks tho.
She was like, cute and badass. :D
And the twins!
I love fred and george and ah i miss pornish_pixies and twincest..
mmm i wonder if the qualityof the stuff there's gone up yet. *droop*
the last time i went there, things were in a sorry state. sigh.
They cut so much from the family tree scene.
R.A.B is like, integral to HBP, assholes.
And how Sirius is related to Draco.
BAh. sucked.
James was awful. Not cute. at all.
Marauder era Snape was adorable tho. ;_;
And they put Sirius and Remus together at the table! Daw.
The two of them are so cute and married. *happy fangirly sqee*
OMG and Luna was adorable, I loved her!!
Cho was annoying.
There was no Quidditch. WTF.
Lucius was as geigh as ever. Heh. Pimpcane! XD
Ooooh and Bella was just. Sigh. =___=
I always thought her sleeker and more cold.
Haha Sirius was just.
Never really liked how they chose to style Remus and Sirius anyway.
But he really does look like something outta te 60s/70s. XD
Oh and Umbridge!
Haha, hated her character so damn much.
I like how they did her, although I always imagined her a little fatter.
But yes, perfectcly hateable, like a good and proper Umbridge.

Anyway, went with mon aya cyn melsie; we watched in cine, in uniform XD
Mon wore her longest CJ skirt,
Aya wore her shortest AC skirt,
Cyn looked cute in AJ
Sak was cheesy and wore paintstained IJ
and Melsie has the cutest Penworth [?] jacket.
that makes me think of jocks and bimbo cheerleaders, lol. XD

We stayed for the whole of the credits, hoping there'd be a little something at the end....but no such luck, sigh.

Oh yes.
And the something to fight for line at the end?
LotR ripoff kthxbai. >____>

Yeah, and then we went to Crepes and Cream to bitch and whine about life in general.
And go :O about random scandalous things going on. Bah.
And revealed to cyn [finally] Sarah's sekrit sunblock. XDDDDD
Ahahahahahha it was bloody priceless.
I've said this a million times and it's srsly getting old but.
I want to be back in IJ.

aitai modoritai mamoritai soba ni iitai.

Ore tachi wa SAYAENDO!!


The Organization group had this Axel with this srsly kickass wig! *-*
Haha and they're Dark!Riku was pretty good.
And their Zemnas was like, bloody tall. :o Like 1.9 even?!

And the Vaizard/Arrancar group.
The Luppi was awesome!!
And the Orihime looked pretty good in the Arrancar uniform.
And Wanderweiss!! X3 So cute.

haha anyway for the most part I wandered around alone [shyo pang-sehed me =____=] before hooking up with i_am_kagetsuki and shaoyang_. Socialized, walked around, posed for way too long, got approached by annoying reporters, kyaa-ed over THE MOST ADORABLE HINA-ICHIGO and yeah, walked around. And then. I bumped into OMFG CYNNNNNNNNNN ASDFKJLK!!!! gasp. I DID NOT KNOW. I think I screamed my head off when I saw her. And she was doing this adorable Ryoma! Hahahaha. XD Met her friend Jasmine, and the three of us watched the rest of the competition and fangirled and walked around some more while waiting for the results. Homg the Sakura Taisen group was like, whoa! Quite liked their fight scene. gah seeing them, i feel so tempted to compete. XDDDDD *shot* *hasn't even cosplayed once* lololol. The three of us were kyaaaaing and kirakira ing when they got handed the prize. *-*

Oooh and saw a TRC Sakura..the gawthicku version from the chess arc.
Why is it I've never seen a Sakura wig that I've actually liked..
Sakura's got quite the unusual hairstyle? Murrrr.

Sight I miss being around people who I can sqee/fangirl/bitch with proper. ;____;

haha sak was dumb and didn't bring camera though. XD
So here's one gacked from...*checks* darkmirage.
i look retarded and short, lololol.
[and I really should have worn my platforms. lololololol]

Yaaaaaaa, I can't wait for EOY now, hahaha.
Jasmine wants to do a Geassu group, but yanno, I already said I'd do Magna Carta with shyo.. *shifty eyes* And I never watched Geass..


Sometimes I want to wear things that are like, totally badass.
Like Trinity Blood's Cain!
Or yanno, something with cool weapons.
Not cute and ruffly Lolita.
Haha. I don't know.
Maybe it's just that anti-moe streak rearing it's head for a mo. lol.


Natsuki has no clothes.
No time to do anything since this block is ending and final projects are all WIP.
;_________; Nanika tsukuritai!! >_<
Ahhhhh Natsuki I'm sorry. ;_;
He's still wrapped up like he came and in his box while I work on Art Fundamentals and shit. ;____;

Ahhhh and Mingbei goes nuts over cute 1/6 scale stuff, I'm so amused. X3
Naturally she was all over the 1/6 stuff in Dolly Dolly, hee.
Best part is she's fun to go round chinatown with, hee. <3

Ikoma tmr 8D
O SNAP that means can't meet kiwi tmr D:
kk need to msg her now.
And I should sleep and print out this torso thang that YingYing just sent.

Eeee need to go srab some stuff for IVMerc from google now. @_@

need to shower it's damn humid. =_=
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