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omg. this is major kickass btw. I wanna visit em all!!
and these things need to have a little shop description + photos. Should send them an email or someting. Oh or like that local restaurant directory where each an everyone has a review thingy - it's kinda like those human powered directories where anyone adds/edits yeah i need to get my ass of LJ and the net pronto.

gah cosfest was today..didn't go.
going for Ootp with the rooftop people....
ahhh but siriussssssssssss! ;_;
tent 16th says mommy aya
uhmn wcs semi finals are next sat apparently..
gah will I be able to go?!
course if i go i'll just be another random lolita...
with no one else. right. maybe shyo or kuro?? lol

gah and want!
i <3 hoodies with cute prints.
don't know why but short sleeved ones bug me tho
Tags: fabric, store directory, want

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