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15 June 2007 @ 12:44 am
too many words not enough pictures  
a bit too arsed to type - and I need to go find my bear for tomorrows teddy bear tea party.
And make something for him too. 12nn sak don't be late and bring Junjyou!
Hence, pictures. :D And cut to save the layouts.

6-11th June 2007

TianJin...I think, it's also the Tientsin in JoyLuckClub.. :D ?

Another church..it has the most glorious interior.
Mint and cream and light and chadeliers and ceilings so high.
I wish I took a photo.

This place, it's a whole area of shops selling nothing but really cool old stuff - old blades, travelling bags [i wanted to buy one XD;], rollei cases, photographs, chinese antiques...and a curious number of fossilised walnuts, in particular. It also stinks pretty bad. XD;;

I wish Singapore had more architecture like this. Damn.
If only the British left a few more buildings...

Garden from an abandoned ex-govt building

Another neglected courtyard..

And a sunset...also through another derelict colonial mansion

Last night in TianJin

BeiJing...just three. We only had a day and a quarter there.

Alright, here's the inner tourist! It's a shot of the 2008 Olympic stadium! XD

This is what was behind us when we took the pic of the stadium..:

And this is what was on the ground:

In between all of this, I managed to buy 35m of eyelet and cluny, a good lot of elastic, 2 fake Billabong jackets, 2 fake Converses, alot of fake Calvin Klein girl boxers with the most adorable prints, 3 bags, more cute underwear, an unbrella, omiyage and...2m of white shirting. and a skirt. Yep. Might have missed out a few things too. XD; Shopping in China rocks. As does tailoring...it's scarily cheap and good.

Sadly, the air and water and toilets aren't so hot. D: D: D: desu.

13th June

After PotC we went for Puri..
And while Audy and Tsu were engrossed in their 二人世界of puri decoration,
the rest of of us camwhored and had fun 8D

Behold the power of...Aya's super new not yet released as usual phone,
courtesy of the marketing dept. Also as usual. XD

I have many belated birthday presents in the kino bag! XD It's amazing, at first i was question marking as to why I had presents. XDD Until Kiwi T_Ted and told me. lol. XD;;

And Cyn has cute innocent!Tegonyan hair.. *plays* x3

I have no idea what we're looking at btw. XD
Aya say's this is for iconnage..XD

Aya bought another zhuzhu file. Yep.

And then we walked towards taka. Gelato~! And Aya took pics. And..tsu is wearing her new Alice Chess print skirt....gah! Btssb! *brandwhores a little* Hee. XD

And...I wish I had gotten the APcrown rip off shoes in bordeaux. ;_;

And we have no Audy!!
Where has all the Audy gone?!
She had new JE worthy hair and cute skullprint shoelaces! Mou.
Also, the clothesrundown, since it's fun doing it. :D

tsu wears:
tailored sailor top
Btssb Alice Chess skirt
Commode!Socks and
Shoes by....welcome to Singapore Sales! ;p

sak wears:
sak-made jsk, blouse, jabot and underskirt
And shoes from..that random Far East shop a few years back.

14th June

I got the last last Yi from the Beijing dealer. Homg. So excited!! He'll be delivered with a black fur wig and 3 sets of eyes..purple, green and brown..[cough I got a little greedy with the eyes. XD;] There are pictures, but I'll spare you-he's in an terribly messy black fur wig right now [the dealer ran out of wigs..] and well, wrapped up rather like something from the morgue. XD;;; But his face is still adorable, as is the nature of the Yi mould. x3 *rabu* haha, my mom thinks he's awful. XD;;; But homg!! So excited. *-* But I may have to wait until August before he comes home.. Friend in BeiJing's meeting up with the dealer first. Then another friend is going to BeiJing in August.... So....I may have to wait to August. Gah. Or I could just screw it and have the boy couriered here...but...the fees...could...buy alot of things....especially in China.....gah! Oh man I hope the Monique group order got through.. His white wig's in there.. @_@

[I haven't picked out a name for him yet.. X3;; Hence the pronouns, lol]

But since I have so many unfinished projects....I wouldn't really be able to sew much for the boy...so it's all alright...cough..right, keep telling yerself that. Yes.

In other news, kuro and tsu and sak are going to the teddy bear tea party/exhibition tmr!! So exciting. :D
I don't quite know what to wear; I never did manage to find ostrich feathers for my hat. D:
And I wish I had gotten more cameos...I could put them on hairties and on my cream espadrilles...
Ah well~

In the mean time, tsu is going wild with korean/hong kong/french loli sites.
There is amazing stuff there. *-*
And now I want rockinghorse shoes...gah, I thought I got over that!! x_x yes.
[But I think I'll never get a pair, unless they re-release the first an-ten-na version. ;_;]
Although, the 69th dept ones do look quite good....
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chronomaticsereith on June 14th, 2007 11:52 pm (UTC)
Oops. Forgot to send you the kakoi pic of Audy. And there is no kiwi, where is all the kiwi gone?

kiwi gave me the zhuzhu file<33333

Help me pray for someone to fall sick so I may get tickets for Play! A video game symphony...
chronomaticsereith on June 14th, 2007 11:53 pm (UTC)
I think cyn looks meccha meccha kawaii in that iconage pic. The mou face!
sakky_sakky_ on June 17th, 2007 05:06 am (UTC)
Haha, so how did you get to go for Play! in the end? homg it sounded majorly kickass btw. x3 and yes, faster make icons! XD I think I could make a mon moodtheme with all the random shots in my hard drive, but she'd probably kick me. XD
i_am_kagetsukii_am_kagetsuki on June 25th, 2007 02:54 pm (UTC)
I have the first an-ten-na version but it's terribly hard to walk in and you'll risk getting a sprain if you walk in them. I usually go out with my other pair. I'm so tempted to get the rose chocolat ones cos they look so good. >.<

Oh yes, btw, I have yet to tell you that I think you're really damn talented sewing your own clothes. Esp for someone as young as yourself. Do keep on doing that. :D Jiayou~!
sakky_sakky_ on June 25th, 2007 03:25 pm (UTC)
eeeeh? ;_; rly ah. *droops* Oh well.. Haha, ooh Rose Chocolat! Yeah they look really good! I like them especially for the higher platform.. gambatte with getting a pair~ >w<

*blushes* daw thanks! *hearts* and allow me to say that to you too! That black and white dress you wore to the previous meetup was darling >w<
i_am_kagetsukii_am_kagetsuki on June 25th, 2007 03:30 pm (UTC)
I was in Seoul before Tokyo and it's actually MORE expensive to get it at their physical shop. Apparently the rule of "cheaper-at-source" does not apply there. :/ I'm planning to get it after I get my next pay though. :D

Thank you so much~ >.< but I have been so lazy to make my own nowadays. I'd rather sleep on my off days. ;_;

sakky_sakky_ on June 25th, 2007 04:03 pm (UTC)
haha w00t, you're all over the place 8D it sounds so exciting >w<

and aye, i know the feeling of not sewing when you want/should be sewing too XD;;; barely made anything this month! and it was school holidays to boot. sigh. D:

[pssst. if you do order from rose chocolat, could i possibly piggyback on your order? 8D;; I mean if I haven't squandered what left of my bank account away by then...]
i_am_kagetsukii_am_kagetsuki on July 11th, 2007 07:31 am (UTC)
sakky~!! I didn't see you at cosfest~!!

btw, I'm going to buy the rose chocolat RHS. You still wanna piggyback on the order?
sakky_sakky_ on July 12th, 2007 05:03 am (UTC)
uuu, i had no time. ASSisgnments killz desu. ;_; hee saw a pic of you on sgcafe tho XD yall looked so cute! and the shiro loli with you is like. SO. Adorable!! ooh are you going this weekend tho? *hopeful* hee. lol nah, i've decided to get the lolita lola/60th dept ones with kuro ^^ thanks tho <3
i_am_kagetsukii_am_kagetsuki on July 12th, 2007 03:14 pm (UTC)
no worries, I'll go ahead with my order then. :)