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28 May 2007 @ 05:12 pm
naaaaaaandeeeee?! D:  
Ling is out of stock with the two Taiwan Abio Angel sellers..
Will have to wait till like Mid June when the new batch is finished. .____.
It's kinda risky...
Since there's been no input if the Shang hai sellers are good.
Maybe maybe maybe.

I'll go email them in laughable Chinese when I get home I suppose.
And english. I mean if they understand, it'd be so much easier *-*

Also, today I spent alot more than I usually do on food..
12bucks - 4 on breakfast at ya kun with Aya, then 7 on canadian pizza, then another 2 on drinks..
I'm usually pretty frugal on food. lol
homg I can't wait for the concession pass thing to process. *-*
Etooo..and later I need to get a skin or something for the ipod, lol.
I just named it nyan nyan neko, loooool. XD
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