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in the mac lab again..

althought it's really the CAD lab.
I think.
anyway, doing our last assignment for this block, which is the 6 shirt designs, aka pimp your PS and Illustrator mad skillz.
something like that, yeah.
I only have 3 designs sketched out. uuu.

Anyway while I say that, I keep on sidetracking to dolls and all..
*looks at bank account*
Perhaps July.
Although, I don't particularly have a thing for July birthdays.
July makes me think of too hot too sticky and almost ending.
June conjures a prettier feeling.
..I'm still undecided on Yi or Er or Ba..
Ba is a girl sculpt but I think she'd make a cute boy too..
It's just that I've never really modded anything resin.
But I'm tempted to just sand off the bust, and get hands fom Luts or volks.
And like..Jiu, would make the most adorable girl evah.
Or maybe just the Jiu head and put it on a delf girl body.
I dn'treally get Leroi's thing for busty and almost stick thin arms.

Oh oh oh!
And I can't wait to see AP's new trump series *-*
It made me think of the screen printing in textile manip next block.
Er. That would be like..August. Yes.
Since they'll be using the photo emulsion thingoo..
There is this totally fantastic opportunity for detail.
I'm thinking something cute like from that book of adverts.
Like the old June Valentine layout.
Or maybe even something for a 1/3 child.

I definetly wanna sew something up to use for Visual Merc and Textile Manip over the hols..
Muuuu... *-*
Haha okay buy like. First I should really get these damn shirts outta the way.


Oh yeah yesterday was Parent's Night :D
Mom was like :D:D:D and happily chattering away with Irene and Elaine, lol.
Did you ever wonder about Elaine?
She has beautiful poise and nice baubles and all, and she looks immaculate and immpecaable eveerytime you see her.
I kinda wonder what one Earth she's doing in Admin..
Like doesn't she have gala charity dinners to go for? Hahahaha.
Hahaha, I do wonder.
omg and then talked with Jaslyn's dad for way too long.
omg. like. he's reaally cool.
he talks for hours on end like my grandmother.
issa frikking traumatizing sia.
But imagine, having had formal and solid training in like everything from seal caving to watercolour to composition..
it's somehow kind of useless, but at the same time the notion of having had such an academic and solid arty arty training, apprenticeship strikes me as kind of romantic, haha.

Hee, and then picked ah boy and gao yang up from auntie rebec's and liliian's new place..
It's frikking nice.
And her floors looks like tofu..
You hua you liang... hahahahaha.
And then we got firkking high on the way home
cos me and ah boy kept singing avenue q in the car.
I really need to find thm back..
Right now I only have It Sucks to Be Me ;_;
Haha and amazingly I still remember most of the lyrics! *giggle*
Haha I still remember singing it outside the exam hall right before the O level papers, *giggle*
So much fun..
ah I really need to go properly edit those backlogged photos.

I wish people would get the difference between leggings and stockings and socks.
I wish people would get the difference between raschel and cluny and tulle.
I wish people would get the difference between sateen and satin.
I wish people would get the difference between wetlook vinyl and PVC.
I wish people would on the whole, be slightly more intelligent.
i wish people would take the time to bloody research.

Generally speaking.
Sometimes I feel like staging this big educational campaign.
Haha sometimes I feel I have this elitist streak a mile wide in me.

Slave away on Illustrator and PS on Sunday till Wednesday,
Relocate exhibits on Monday! [preferably finish Digital Ess by Monday..]
Ikoma on Tuesday! ^^
DigitalEss deadline on Wednesday! Ah, I wonder what time.
Holidays start proper on Thursday! ^w^

Haha yes.
Ahhhh I can't think of colour codinates for patched together stuffed toys!!
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