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natsumi burgers!

enough of spicy staff meals...
bought a natsumi burger from the mos
dumped it in with some rice
issa looooooveee
ah I almost forgot all about the mayo x rice combo
[it's really good!]

today in Kadomay I tackled...
Bias binding.
You gotta iron the damn thing out on one side
Then pin it
Then baste it
Then sew
Then iron
Then turn over
Then maybe iron again
Then pin
Then baste
Then sew...
and then, you are finally done.
Dear lord.
Soaking stuff in vinegar solves colour run, apparently.

And around the Kuan Yin Miao, opp Bugis Villiage there is this dirt cheap sometimes have nice prints cloth place. Totally finding it.

And Golden Dragon carries these cool bias tape make things from Clover..hehe.

Okay knackered gonna sleep, I wanna wake up earlier tmr!!

Hmn IJ fiesta next Friday.
To go or not to go?

Ah, I need to take back my prep boards.
Tags: food, school, sewing
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