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let's go to the planets~

Kyaa, the pink ichigo sold quick
That was nice~

Mm, I hope Pi's free for Chinatown tomorrow.

Shopping list
1m - Black velvet ribbon for Ballerina collar
2m - Mint green lining for Shirley Temple ichigo print
1m - White cotton for ↑  [Or should I use that stretch cotton I accidentally bought.]
3m - White eyelet/cluny for ↑ 
x1   - Pink zipper for pink swiss cotton

Currently I have alot of unfinished projects XD;
1) Pink swiss cotton
2) White petticoat
3) Ballerina
4) Anglaise broderie ichigo

I wonder if I should keep the blue gingham ichigo for myself and put the pink one I planned for myself up for sale instead.

I'm growing fonder and fonder of the katamari candy print day by day. I'll make it pleated and zippered. With red trim..Cotton bias+red eyelet? I lol at the red eyelet though. XD; And I could make cute keitai straps for myself and Aya if she wants with the leftovers! Ah I haven't touched jump rings and needle nose pliers in such a long time.

I've decided what to do with the ETC print too.
<3 Black braid leftover from the ballerina + butterfly lace [although I'm undecided on the butterfly lace]

That chocolate Cinderella is still incubating. :/
I shouldn't have bought it.
Maybe it can be made in bloomers. XDDD
Actually it'd be fine if I could just find a close match for that coffee-brown colour. T_T

I want to make an apron.
And I wish chalk would wash out easier.
lol, at least it's the washing machine and not me doing all the washing.

Also!  851 is fantastic for cloth excursions.
Goes to my place, chinatown, and bugis[arab st]
I want to know where else you can buy cloth.
So far, the places I know of are
-Spotlight. Jacked up prices.
-Mustafa. Mostly unsuitable.
-Katong shopping centre. Is pretty good.
-That textile wholesale centre place. It's not very good apparently.
......moooooore, there has to be mooooore!!

And zomg, my bro likes genki NewS songs. XD *doink*


I just found out 801 = yaoi. XD


Ooh shiney.
Someone may take the blue ichigo. 8D
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