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20 February 2007 @ 01:42 pm
dai dai daiiiiisuki!  
Hee, just had porridge for lunch.Lovely omelette-tofu-y thingy to go with it. Mwee~

Hee, and then I finished the blue gingham ichigo skirt. It's so!! adorable with the Red Ridding Hood socks + red polka espadrilles. *w* I think...I may get more of it. XD Haha, sorry, it's like I'm praising myself. *doink* Hee, okay, now to go do the butt bow. Then I can start on the pink one!

Hee, and my Byakkotai 1 is at 55%!

doki doki desu!
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Current Music: NewS MS Medley - Sayaendo + Hoshi wo Mezashite *kyaaa <33*