November 27th, 2007

my boss my hero

bossa <3

I think I'll make a requesting post for jazzy things. *-*

Went to Chinatown after the rain..
I ended up spending way more than expected. ^^;;

-The remaining 3m of the blue parasol print.. ^^;;;;;
-A pack of lovely crocheted strawberries [it's got flowers on it too!!]
-2 reallllly soft pompoms for shoe clips
-Clips on earring backs to make shoe clips

stuff I really needed
-Blue ribbon [zomg super cheap! *-* Auntie ILUUUUUUU!]
-Blue lining
-Seam ripper ._.;;;; lost mine again..

Wa loli seems to be really popular lately or something. [on sgcafe...] o_0
Dammit WHY?!?!?!?!? do they keep saying
'My wa loli is coming this month1111"
"Got any cheap wa lolis????"

It's. fucking. annoying.

Hrmn lets try making a few waloli style things.
I kinda wanna try it myself really. o.o

Milennia walk called!
So I think i'll use a model but...
sweatdrop. cannot, so far. oh dear..
Jacq and co are hiring a make&hair artist. o_o sugoi..
Wonder if I can borrow the guy too. o_o;
o_o i know nuts about make&hair. o_o
If really cannot we have to do it ourselves. ._.;;;;
oh well.
hahahhaaha mon was like. sak, CMI.

Kitto nantoka naru sa! XD

Imma gonna make a half mask to go, yeah. 8D Wine red and velvet and gold and feathers
Mmmhmnmmnmn makes you think of Anne Rice Blood and Gold. Marius <3

Hrmn so go spotlight before Heros.
Cos there isn't anywhere else with those feathers. *sadface*
That I know off anyway.

Edit: and nails. Mmmmmn. Yeah. 8D Now I need acrylics. and the nail..glue..thing. Shit i need someone who knows this crap dammit. 8D

Koda Kumi has a really lovely voice. *-*
But then, I only have one track from her. ^^;

edit2: omg. "Dogs". damn good. nnnnngh. The clothes! The colouring. *-* And the characters. Well. Basically it's another cool dystopian manga with a a good dollop of angst and comic relief. Badou is fucking hilarious. XD And the really small wings! I love those. Small wings just about the width of the shoulders like vestiges of what was. I love that image. <3 Art isn't so great in the first chapter. But. After that? OMG nnnnnnngh. damn good. sdhfglkdafjh I WANNA KNOW MOREEEEE. but. discontionued?!?!?!? ;______; you taunt me. ;__________;

also, ketsumeishi. christmas single. oh yeah. damn good. <33333333333 *hearts madly*
k 2 30 better sleep if I wanna get up earley for more sewing time.
haha my mom's smitten with the ipod. XD lol.

and my com is not reading my phone.
and my mom's com keeps giveing the sector drive error.
I'll try my bro's com. aklsdhfg.
it's been working perfectly fine you know. ;____;
go get drunk you stupid shit. ;___;

I should get a ruffling foot. ._.;;
I'll call up the Sakura supplier auntie.
Haha oh yeah did I ever say?
My machine's really called a Sakura. lololol
Still damn noisy tho.
I wish it was half as quiet as the SILENT!!!! new Jukis in the sewing room. ;_;
Ah well.
It has its charms.~

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