October 27th, 2007

my boss my hero


Yey! ^^v
HOC final submission OK deshita~~~~
Haha it was so rushed.
Woke up at like 9 30 and worked till like 6 then mom had to go towards the airport anyway so she dropped and fetched me too. Lucky~~

Then we came home, had dinner (tofu! :D), I watched 3/4 of Yukan Club, went to see GoPoh in TTSH, came home [at 10. ;;;;] finished watching Yukan Clun omg the police cosplay was so cute <333, and Hataraki Man and SCP subbed. <333333 Gah I can't wait for HatarakiMan subs to be out... ._. Ep 1 is being translated. >w<;; Maa.

When I watch Hataraki Man, I think, omg, doing assignments all end up being like that.
So one could possibly compare the stresses of the Block system to the stresses of a publishing company?
Haha maa but the scale is different ne.

Haha and Pa just rushed back from KL to home and just rushed off to the airport.

So, this block is over and no homework for the weekend..
I'll sew tmr. :3
Ah! And Ikoma homework.
I should take a leaf from Mon's book and make my own vocab cards too ne. ^^;;
And Sunday...
mon will try to catch the mysterious prehistoric animal, and there will be more zombie killing as well? Haha.

Dammit i keep trying to put the mp4 ver of the Weeeek PV in my phone but I keep getting the 'couldn't find sector' error which is SO INFURIATING DAMMIT.

Read through the [frikking long, 30+ pages] brief for ComDi which starts on Monday...
Yeah Pi was right, it's a glorified English & Writing class.
Haha it makes me feel like going to Kino and reading all the witty books.
I don't *read* anymore, it's so depressing.
Last one must hae been Deathly Hallows.
Yosh!! Let's go Kino sometime. :3
The sunshiney corner awaits.

Haha speaking of DH,
this is wha the posters in Mustafa read:
Harry Potter and the Deadly Hollows. XDDDDDDDD

And dammit, Mustafa's bought MORE retail space.
WTF? srsly.
The existing space isn't properly managed,
Mustafa alr takes up so much space,
and then the smart thing to do is buy more space?!
And glut it with mountains of merchandise??
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