October 7th, 2007

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Links, because today is yay!

Adorable cutsew..ah Aya click, somehow I think you'd like it. <333
TSUMORI CHISATO - oh, the discoveries to be had on Poupee. XD
23000yen for sweater is kinda retarded tho prz. D:
I'd totally buy BABY's MA Princess gold embroidery dress with all that monies prz. *dokidoki*
I can't quite figure out that collar tho.
It looks like Sasuke's collar..
It's been appearing more and more...but..
I still can't quite figure out how it's done. :/
Maybe I'll look for a tutorial somewhere na. <3

Gorgeous, gorgeous colour. *-*

WaldoPancake...somehow, it feels very..healing, ka na? haha
Charming. Yeah charming's the word. <3

Harry the supermodel. Click for teh lulz prz. XD
And all was well. XDDD

Macarooooooons. *_* meep.
Homg and the green macaroon fairy is so adorable. <33
[Also, to quote Ouran....rich bastards. lol]
Although, I suppose, this type of blog, it's more Aya innit. XD

Second Risa icon in the teasers.
*_______* This is really why I want the illust book.
kdsfkgdlkfg I can't wait for it to come outttttttttt.
Hurry Christmas Hurry Fast...Ah wasureta. XD; That chipmunks song.

Haha that style, it kinda reminds me of Air Gear.
Ah and there's this illustration in my fashion drawing book that looks like Otani..
albeit taller. XD As Cyn pointed out. Haha I shoud scan it or something.
Kakkoi da yo XD

Giggle was rewatching that ya-ya-yah show clip where massu and tesshi and all had to dress up at princesses. And then...it was the first time that I noticed Shige there! *major, major major major fail* XDDDDD I was like...omg USOOOOO!! XD

Uwa, soshite iyo iyo kasa GETTO shimashita~~~~! *________* *kirakira* Haha ureshii, meccha ureshii~~~ 155 ribbon dake deshita da shi~~~~ haha the funny thing was, I saw another umbrella going for 400ribbons the page after. XDDD stupid overpricing.


Today, as usual for Sunday, went out~~
And Kiwi came too~ <333
Haha the last time I saw her was Pirates.
Upon inspection of the organizer book...
That was 3 months ago. =_=

Anyway..met at PS..then walked to kknm...bummed around, I don't think anyone bought anything except  muffins and chicken pie. Incidentally, the cute muffin shop? Is owned by a Mr Johnny. XDDD Walked to Bugis after, Mon and Cyn bought them voodoo dolls, then went to Kino and sqeeed/browsed random stuff...Ahhhhh Oct KERA has stickers from BABY's halloween print!! >W< HOSHI! HOSHI~~~!!! ^^;;; Maa, didn't buy it ne. Anna Tsuchiya seems to be to Kera what Mana is to GLB? Haha and the AlgonquinsxKera? I Liiiiiiiike. 8D Also also also, Btssb VS SEX POT revenge was fun. Haha but srsly, after awhile...it looks kinda the same ne. XD Haha sumimasen. Kiwi got a bit annoyed at me for browsing so long I think. XD;; Maa, after that went to MOS and had lots of fries and milk tea. <33333

Next week, arcade + puri? XDDD

There was this otaku looking guy reeeally fussing over his [very cute rori] MSDs in kknm.

It was just a veryverybriefmoment   , but for a justashortsplitsecond?
I thought...that's kinda gross. ._.;;;
haha after that I went, ah that dress is so cute <3

Haha uhm that's not very diplomatic/correct, I know, I know. *sweat*

EDIT: Ah, Takaaki Kusaka! Her style reminds me a bit of Nodame..but a touch easier to get used to maybe. It's so sweet <3
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