September 16th, 2007

my boss my hero

lololol. i r dumb.

The islandwide alarm siren thingy woke me up n the middle of a good dream!!
I was going to buy this super sparkly looking dessert from 7-11..
then the damn alarm sounded. D:
Didn't get to buy it.
Didn't get to eat it.
Doushiteeeeeeeeee? Mou.
And then I had a bit of a heart attack because i thought isn't civil defense only in feb?!
Mon helpfully informs Sak that there's total defence, and then there's civil defence.
So I woke up going omgomgomg at 12.

Then later after lunch, went to cut my hair with my mom.
Maa, my hair pretty much looks the same I think..
Except that the fringe's too short na!!
Sore de, I had to shy away from the cameraman..
But that didn't help much na XD
[Haha I think only Mon will get that retarded reference. Maybe Jin and Cyn too. XD]
Maa, it;s nice that it's not in my eyes and all but still.
Think I'll buy some cute hair pins.

Came home, and I love crackers and sardines.
Actually, I <3 canned sardines.
And olives.
Toasted foccacia, just nice,
and sweet onion and an oatmeal raisin and a regular please?
lol. I <3 subway, Esp when they have promotions. XD

Went shopping with Mom at Isetan..
Maa, we barely bought anything since they close as 9 30.
I feel like shoppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.
And in-ear earphones..
I mean, even if the over ear ones are really cute..
ANd I wanna stick crystals and all on them,...
in-ear makes more sense right?

And then came home, downloaded more clips from shiget together,
and damn why are full, non static-y radio rips so hard to find???
Thinking of shoe group orders..
Lately I've been thinking I'd like to do punkrori..
So that means a pair of wicked boots..yum.
Maybe these in blackxblack?
So then you can do something like this
Punkrori doesn't get enough love at any rate.
But I think I can only bring myself to do a cute punkrori style na. XD
Thinking of random sprees..
nnnnngh but the monies. D:

Haha and then somehow, ended up going over fic with Sa.
<3333 Quite like it, really.
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