September 15th, 2007

my boss my hero


One semester's already's 1/6 over na.
Handed up our last assignment of the semester as well..
Maa, it went well, Devin said he quite liked it too, so yay. (^_~)v
Mmmm.. summer dramas are all ending, so I went to check out the autumn ones..
Hee Tesshi has a special, playing a young man who can see ghosts. 見たい!
I wonder how long the sub for that will take na..
Hee and of course, Jin's upcoming drama XD omg Junno's in it too! Yay, there will be cute!
Except what is Yoko doing I don't like his face. XD
Anyway, I'm downloading BusuKoi now, if only for Shige..
And maybe Inagaki Goro, after seeing him in HanaKimi. It was pretty amusing.

I don't even know how long our break is. o_0
I think it's 2 weeks. Etoo...28 Sept made ne.
Maa, There'll be the TetraPak competition thingy,
the huge backlog of Shukudai,
Sewing and sewing and sewing,
and omg I really need to finish sanding and painting Natsuki! XD;;

Will be busy enough ne.


It was rainy and cold today..
Went to Mensa for after lunch dessert with Jessica and Shyo.
Thy'd run out of hot dessert [D:]
So...I tried the Mango Ice..which looks like vomit and shaved ice.
But once you mush it all down, it's pretty nice. XD;;


Wore a black ArtsAlive! shirt to bed.
Woke up at 11 30..had slept at 5.
Anyway. In the mirror I noticed..
my hair looked really reddish in comparision.
Maa, it was this very random thought.
I want to cut my hair na. :x


I dreamt about HP verse last night.
I don't remember anything, except,
smoke. Maybe a blue backlight too.


The other day I had another dream..
Kokuhaku scene ga atta yo..
Shirota Yuu kun to. XD
Doushite ka na...?
Maa. I don't remeber the rest of it
Except it was a gakuen setting
And he was at the other end of the corridor. lol.
(Sounds like a renai scene na.. XD)


I've never had a dream with rori in it.
Not that I dream all that often.


Yesterday walking home,
I noticed a nest in a tree.
The tree looked like a sphere
kinda like a christmas tree bauble.


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