September 6th, 2007

my boss my hero


Yosh, finished Portfolio Review writeup. ^^v!
Rewatched Never Ending Wonderful Story...aaah I in love with Snow Express. I keep thinking Soul Express though, lolololol. Homg have I fangirled about Shige's solo yet? I love Kakao!! >w< lol and the backstage bit where Ryo tries to get Koyama to sing Love Addiction is hilarious. XD Haha and now my brother thinks Shige's First Ryo, now Shige...omg, it's like he has a thing for cute Sexy Osaka Men! lololol *shot* Giggle anyway listening to these songs, it really keeps you awake da na.. Hee and Aya says tmr there should be HanaKimi, exicited desu111!! lol. Ahahahaha omg locker scene with Yuu and Shun...well sadly, this isn't a BL game or yaoi doujin. Sigh. I think Kagurazaka/Sano would work pretty well really. GAH WAI NO HANAKIMI FIC?! WAIII... ;_;

Hmn anyway have no school for thurs and fri, not seeing school till monday, plan is to finish the DHC final assignment and get some sewing done. Then Saturday's provence and Aya's place and cyn hee is anyone else coming? 8D

hee okay going to sleeeeeeeep. *doink*
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