August 11th, 2007

my boss my hero


bloody fuck my head HURTS.
attacked a sizable chunk of lovely watermelon.
Helped. Barely.
shit I don't get headaches!
barely got any work done today.

today was brilliantbrilliant mind you.
biiig doll meet at the gazebo, all the pretty and people!
and the pair of swans in the lake.
yes they do look vair glam.
then went to chinatown for fabric journal.
saw ADM seniors, haha.
totally know what to do for the cover of fabric journal too.
Ha. pwnage.
Also, salvaged that dame lineart file that I thought was corrupted and unsalvageble -
that would have been beyond tragic.
Saved it, ha. stupid coms, stupid gadgets..
had to add the jpeg extention.
dunno why that didn't get transferred, but the impt thing is that
lineart here, can do work.

in the morning.
shit HEAD HURTS, i refuse to takepanadol. :X

is it because I didn't blow dry my hair yesterday and today and showered at night?!
blimey that sounds like I'm some random obaa san x_x
OW shit I'm in pain I want to be bloody CODDLED dammit.
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