August 10th, 2007

my boss my hero


*is mildly fascinated*
I think I just gave my hands the first scar/brand/mark they have.
Well, whaddaya know.
I think it's permanent, I dunno.
A bit of vair vair hot something got onto my finger,
so now there's like this tiny tiny raised line there.
I suppose one might call it a brand, except that it has no design..
Burn mark? Haha. Although branding is going to make me wince more now.
I mean one small cinder(?) and I go OWOWOWOWOWfuckfuckfuck.
Can you imagine a whole brand?
*mulls* Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
Still don't get why there's a law on administering painkillers/thatstuffthatknocksyouout..
Although I suppose by now, pain and body mod's probably intrinsically twined innit.
Gah I know the word, I do, I just can't put my finger on it.
Grawwwwr, I swear my English's going down the drain.
Not happy about that.
Read, I need to read again.
A real book you know? Not just non fiction, and not fanfic for once, love it as I do.
Hate doing it on buses though.
Gives me a splitting headache.
Trains aren't quite so bad though, but still.
*mulls* I don't really know who I should read.
Suppose I'll go to the library and find something.
Sigh. Although, more often than not, I find myself drawn to nonfiction these days.
Bah. I don't know, no idea what to read..
Not touching the pulp fiction tho, that I know. ;p
Not now.

Anyway, spent the day working on fabric journal.
[Did the burning tests, which is how that cinder got on me hand]
Got lovelylovely card, and a good file..
I'm just annoyed there isn't a nice looking binding system that doesn't include plastic pockets.
Short of binding it by hand.
I really wanted to handbind this, but really, it's a waste of time when the deadline's in a few days.
Although I'll be happy to see this Block over, ha.
Layout was a bitch to figure out, although I think I've got it. :D
Am hungry now, and should shower.
Then pack fabric to weigh/comb, and fabric notebook.
Saturday will be at Chinatown..need to ask the uncles there Country of Origin?
Sunday will be at Mos, wonder what I can bring along. Maybe Fiber to Fabric?
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