May 31st, 2007

my boss my hero


I thought I decided on a Ling..
But then I saw this solo shot of an Yi here, and omg...
I can't decide again!! D:
[he's the one in the star print tee]
Decisions decisions.. Gah.
On a more amusing side note,
my brother went
Hey she's really cute!
upon seeing that shot. XD
'She', in full confidence. Ahahaha.
And then I told him that 'she' came with a peen and everything, *chortle*
He just went D: D: D: omgwtfbbq
*giggle* But I want to make adorable dresses for him too anyway <3
So I suppose it doesn't really matter?
Because the sculpt is just so adorable *-*
And a boy body is easier to sew for, and the AA boy hands are way nicer than AA girl hands..
Ahhhhh but omg. Yi or Ling?!
This is almost as bad deciding between VSC and ADM. ~_~
The things I do..

Last night thought of making ear wings for the incoming boy..
Will need to go Chinatown again I suppose. ^^ Memory wire! And maybe fimo, or angel clay..<3
Ah I need to go call Lydia too, haven't been to dressmaking class ever since orientation camp ^^;;;

Okay I should go help set up the nuu shiny site..
And draft a few patterns for the omgYiorLing?! haha
And I need to learn how you do rivets..wonder how much those pop rivet tool thingamabobs are.
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