March 22nd, 2007

my boss my hero

not nearly enough time

I should get back intot he habit of blogging down stuff daily. T_T


Hur hur, first day of Pre Advanced 1! Haha, how exciting and shiny.
Kinda fun, kinda @_@...hee, <3 desu.
And then bummed around taka/kino with toroi-san.
Did dumb things like look for the door to outside..
Found weird deserted rooms on the way, which i never knew Taka had, hoho.
And cheryl-san is nice to cuddle!
Like Aya, Sak is undercuddled now. T_T

Hmmmn, went for medical checkup thingy for TP's enrollment crap.
It was really fast and painless...except for all the waiting, but ah well.
There was no blood test, so am relieved.
[Mom was all, ahahaha, bet they have one! in the car. T_T]
But I have to go again for urine test...cos well, period.
T_____T Ah well. I need to go Arab Street anyway.
Never got to buy that extra red cotton for the candy stripes.
And I desperately need to match that cinderella print.
Tomorrow I need to take mugshots in that Novena booth.
Cos liek zomg, just realized: they want not less than 3 months, and a white background.
Ah well, shoganai.
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