March 9th, 2007

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I feel like it's second home now.

then home.
packing cleaning wiping gah.
Isetan Mos with Sa. <3
Talked alot and
Giggled over her report book.
She got the most retarded comments, but I can't put them here XD
Talked, drank milk tea [<3333]
Went up. Got the damn hey you two look like each other! routine lor.
Seren!!! was there. barefooted XD
JC sports month XD ---

We shall go benkyooooou together, yes.
Did shukudai while they were in class.
Did all the optional ones too.
Haha, so then it was going home time.
Auntie dropped me off. <333

Yay ashita Kino with maybe the crew. <3333
Mon'll likely be there aound 6 ba.
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