March 6th, 2007

my boss my hero



...And then we chatted till what, 7amplus, wtf. *amused*
Shut eye for 2 hours.
Finished petticoat base
[and then I burnt it bad on the iron. D: ahaha]
Left with waistband for ETC esque print <3
Then walking round Chinatown with Kuro
[bought red bias for the katamari candy <333]
Then off to Fishfish...
Staff meal was pretty good, surprisingly.
I <3 barrunning.
Cept we had a jam halfway with the soups. :/
Went home, K.Oed.


dragoooooon boating with Mon and Jin. We barly made it in time! [haha, Mon woke Jin up late, so. we watched videos on Mon's phone while waiting. Ahhhh NewSuuuuuuuu! So cute and retarded. I need to find their Spring Con somewhere. Ahh speaking of which did that MU dl finish..

Ahem. But anyway, we got there in time, and we talked about dorama the whole way in the car. [we got fetched by tina-san + shuujin X3] ね仁、あれわほうんとうにきみの夢なの?

Training was pretty tired but fun! Ahhh it took a while for us to kinda get the hang of it, nanka hazukashi yo. The weather was quite nice, overcast and it totally rained halfway, hee. And then we did 300m in that. XD Mon was happy with the rain, yes. Kicked puddles at each other after cool down, it was fun. and kinda dirty, but fun, hee.

Took the train back to TPC for refueling at Mac...yaaaahn Mon treated fries. <3 And we ate non-stop and talked and ate and talked and yeah you get it. Then Jin left, and me and Mon ate the hot fudge sundae...yeah its good. ---->first time eating. I never knew Mon liked it, lol.

Then I went home and K.Oed.
But not before OHMYTIAN!!!ing over well, the repacking of things.
My mom bought new shelves. ._.;;;


On time for Ikoma! lolz.
Dressed up for dinner with Rose and tsu, but had to go home in the end. :/
Mouuuuuuu. Irritatated.
Anyway, after class 4 of us decided to take a mock jlpt 3 for kicks.
{カイリンサン ト トロイサン ト ビアンカサン}
lol no it's just 3 of us for kicks, 1 srsly needs it for the jlpt 2 prep class.
So after arranging it, we went off to Kino to be cheap and sit down and do jlpt tys.
[Ah and met up with kaori_lolita halfway. kyaa, nanka doki doki deshita. yay, first sale! >w<]
Unyaa, and then lunch-dinner----tea? at taka's foodcourt.
Then next time I go pie would be nice, cos I've had modanyaki twice in a row. :/
Maybe omu, but it's liek, ex and i is cheap.
Went back to Kino to do shukudai with トロイサン.
overshot and ended up doing today's as well. D:
went home [okaa got pissed at me staying in kino the whole day and not packing. meep.]
ohmytian the packiiiiiiing.
Haha, found lots of shit.
Like the watercolours Pa was looking for. *dies*
I don't even know why they're there! haha
I wonder if I'll ever get to be formally trained in them.
Sigh, prolly not. :p Not that I;m looking or anything.
But some some formal art training would have been nice I guess.

Pre Advanced 1 ends 8 May. *dies*
TP starts 24Apr [plsplsplspls push it back!! ;____;]
So now I am thinking, see if I can join Jin's and go for the Pre advanced lessons I will miss in the end. [omg, sounded like sth outta JLC.] And if from there, can I join Jin's class for Pre Advanced 2? While catching up with the full time pre advanced 1? cos shit man, if this doesn't work I may have to wait for next freaking year. Or one of the other part time ones to go up.

Okay, should go soon.

Ah, and I'm achey all over now. Like damn, i want a massage chair! </obaasan>
my boss my hero


aya woke me up for posting results.
*cuddles aya*
*rolls around*
yay TP took me.
yappari on the other end of the line as aya.
and then my mom comes back from dunno where and goes
haha i passed by the lasalle building it looks vair nice.
meh. T____T
it's only tampines dammit.
*startes at lasalle letter*

oh shush now.
deadlines's the 12th at any rate.
going to go shower [omg i feel dirty after all the packing. the house is a war zone, 3rd floor especially. haha.]

*goes to sit in the sun*

oh we throw out that useless filing cabinet, so now the window just behind the bed can be opened. It's a bit noisy to open it at night, but it's nothing terribly annoying and waking up with sunlight and a bit of wind is just lovely. <3 mweeee~ i think a windchime would be nice. I have those cute $1 ones from chinatown, but the sound isn't nice.

Oh watched fireworks on Sunday. I guess since it was the 15th they had it or something. Sat by the window sill. It's pretty nice, that window. Though the view is half obstructed, but it's okay. ^^ Mmm, I wonder if hydreangea would survive in my planter box. Ahhhh the other day I saw a beautiful bush of it. *envies* I didn't know it could bloom *that* well here!

ah, hanabi and windchimes, how summery.
it's a bit early though, innit. X3

meep. shower. :x

-get vanity+bath's lights changed
-shower pouf. *mourns for the old one*
-lol that's it.

40min to
-pack bag
-run through jidoushi and tadoushi one more time, one more chance
 uwa, byousoku 2 isn't out yet
-breakfast [last night's spaghetti maybe]

and hmn. i still need to find that bennie k song that i wanted. let's do it later today~